Sunday, September 06, 2009

Why, oh Why?!

Here I sit and know that school children can opt out of a presidential address that is supposed to accentuate the need for effort, academic excellence and other things of that ilk. Yes, they can opt out because of clauses that education that may be objectionable like sex education may not be forced upon their delicate belief systems. In school systems in Weld County, CO the address will not even be shown because of the possibility of indoctrination into Democratic ideals.

I am horrified that such topics as hard work and excellence are seen as possibly detrimental to the well-being of students. And that people can opt out of it. Yes, let's remain insulated and stupid. While I actively disliked the swaggering election stealer, Curious George Bush for his ham-fisted approach to diplomacy and leadership ("Bring It ON!" and "Mission Accomplished" will always resound to me as remarks more fitting from a beauty pageant loser than a world leader. and wearing a flight suit codpiece looking like a character from Clockwork Orange is always classy.), I never said no one should listen to him. In fact, would have wanted my kidlettes to listen to him and then do research to pick apart or agree with his arguments.

I am reminded of the three monkeys hearing, speaking and seeing no evil. Sorry, the world is not that way. There is weird shit out there and you better learn how to discern what is bullshit and how to obviate the consequences of the bull. This is education for the world stages. How far afield was Rumsfeld's statement of WMD being somewhere North, South, East and West of Tikrit. He should have been so ripped badly for that, he could no longer show his face in public. Hell, Hitler is somewhere North, East, South or West of Sacramento. And the fish logos on the back of cars show the way to the largest used car dealership in the nation. And Ashcroft covering Lady Justice's breasts because he fantasized about suckling from them so much it disturbed his good judgment was unbelievable, but better than Gonzo trying to get him to sign paperwork just out of surgery and under the influence of anesthetics and painkillers. Real class there. You have to learn to sense bullshit in the world and not be influenced by it. But also to know how to interact with those you disagree with so that discourse can be established and changes wrought. Or how to walk away and start something constructive on your own if the gulf is too large.

Protecting children so they can be innocent and untouched by Democratic indoctrination is as bad as the dude in Antioch, CA who abducted a young female and held her in his backyard, had children by her and kept them all away from TV, school and doctors, so they could be perfect innocent mates. And listen to his word of God. Oh yes, he was a preacher too. Teaching them the Word of God according to him. In fact, that was how he got caught after 15 years of this double life. He brought his daughter with him to UC Berkeley to ask for a prayer meeting permit. And the security guard thought "What is wrong with this picture?" and did research into him.

I am very sensitive to issues such as this after living in a commune that really was cultic in its belief systems. The guys there thought there dicks were magical conduits of God's energy. They were rationalizing their importance as messengers of God rather than that sex was really fun and a good outcome of the human condition and potential. and divine in nature, by its very existence. Not that there wonderfulness in the sight of some God somewhere was being channeled through their magic Dicks. Hell, Magic Dick was just a hell of a harmonica player (J Geils), not a bodily and spiritual function.

Being secluded does not guarantee innocence. Stupidity does not guarantee cultural purity. It is a crime to let children opt of of the Presidential address to keep them from being indoctrinated. Teach them to think and participate. Any less than that breeds monocultural nightmares where "Peace is War" can be ideologically achieved as a truism. It is a form of abuse.


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