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Because the Bible tells me so
An 18-year-old gay man from Texas allegedly slain by a high-school classmate who believed his friend was making advances toward him; a 31-year-old transgender woman from Pennsylvania found dead with a pillowcase around her head; and a 24-year-old lesbian from Florida purportedly killed by her girlfriend’s father, who disapproved of the relationship. Murders, maybe, but--
FRC leader Perkins says, there is another factor that leads kids to kill themselves.
"These young people who identify as gay or lesbian, we know from the social science that they have a higher propensity to depression or suicide because of that internal conflict."
Homosexuality is "abnormal," he says, and kids know it, which leads them to despair. That's why he wants to confront gay activism in public schools. For example, his group supports the Day of Truth, when Christian high schoolers make their case that homosexuality is a sin.
"The Islamists and the homosexuals work out of the same playbook. They knew that if what they do and what they subscribe to is scrutinized, people will turn away from it, so what they want to do is they want to marginalize and eventually silence anyone who challenges their ideology and their agenda."
So FRC is not a hate group because they are church-oriented and believe in the words of Christ. Somehow the translation of the Bible I read left all this crap off the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes.

I wonder if judgment of a chosen lifestyle (after all, they choose to do that) adds to the pressure, social uncertainty and the depression. I mean who would feel pressure when fellow homosexuals are KILLED as they try to live their lives?

My Head is Getting Wet, It Must Finally Be Trickling Down! Uh, Why is it Yellow?

Aside from the fact that the tax regulations are rigged because people richer than me can afford their own lobbyists to write their own loopholes, what is surprising to me is:
"Actually, the world's wealthiest people have now stashed $21 trillion to $32 trillion in offshore tax havens, according to a recent estimate by the London-based Tax Justice Network in a report written by a former chief economist for McKinsey & Co."

Hard for that money to trickle down when it is stuck offshore and in order to spend it here, there would have to be taxes paid. Keep in mind that if they higher estimate is correct, that is almost twice the National Debt we are struggling as country to understand how to pay.

Hmm, the country's debt keeps getting bigger, and the upper 0.1% have taken more than that out of the country. and they get tax breaks to keep taking more money out of the country and the country needs revenue to pay the debts. I wonder how that works? Gee, I wonder when that money will come home?

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