Thursday, August 30, 2007

Do We Laugh or Do We Cry

That is correct. I don't know.

Senator Craig has made it to the "Come out of the closet, Tom" Honor Roll. Yet another family values voting machine being bathed in the limelight of his own hypocrisy. He will, in the end, lose his power (bye, bye committee appointments already), his reputation and ultimately his job. He will be remembered as that queer bastard.

As a liberal, I am happy another Senate seat may open up for competition. Yes, another dirty-rightie proving they don't live up to their own PR.

As a person, I am saddened by the whole affair. How would you like be reduced to trolling for sex partners in the public bathrooms?????

As a married hetero, I never hope to have to do that. Of course, how many women will I find in men's bathrooms? But I could cruise down East Colfax for some wonderfully intimate sex. The fact that anyone has to do this is ridiculous. It speaks of shame, of horribly wrong social mores. Just incredibly stupid and wrong social expectations. It speaks of the origination point of so many homo-erotic dominant/submission sado-masochistic overtones in the Right, in our society--that it is incredible. Have urges, got to hide them--must not let others know, get out the leather so we can show others who is boss, completely turn inside out our emotional realms so nobody knows who we are and then make a society, policies and laws to reflect the twisted emotional realms rather than open and compassionate hearts. Think about Cod Piece George and his costume fantasies. Chain-sawing cowboy--I can see the Copenhagen in his cheek now (no sissy-assed Skoal for that hunk of a man). I have occasionally wondered whether the stories of him being buggered by a prostitute and former gubernatorial candidate in Nevada were true.

Why was denigration of manhood so important in Abu Ghraib? To break people, it is necessary to ruin their self-identity by destroying, in this case, their manhood and religious identity. (Kind of like military training, but that is another essay--just remember the characters of the Village People). But what you substitute is a twisted value system that reflects the torturer or the dominant. That is an exaggerated example, but much of society has subtle twists and turns that reflect that.

Most of America is in the closet when it comes to lust, carnal desires. Let's face it, we come from good Puritan stock, or Catholic (we brought the Inquisition) stock. Sex drives were not recognized and after the 60s they were, kind of. But, sex is sure used to sell. But now, instead of rational policies teaching what will be inevitable teenage sex and how not to get pregnant and attract STDs, we go to abstinence. Yeah, that will work. Syphilis was thought to be transferred from sheep to humans (wonder why George is obsessed with animal-human hybrids?), so I think abstinence maybe won't work too well. So now we cruise restrooms (and have you ever seen how clean public restrooms are?) for what should be good clean wholesome sexual fun.



Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another "Hooray Beer!!" Moment

The kids have moved out of the basement and have gone to California. So tonight I steam-cleaned the carpets for (I hope) the very last time!

Definitely a "hooray beer!" moment. and the DJ on KCUV (give it a listen on line sometimes--a very good commercial radio station. you won't die from buttrock or ZZ Top), anyhow, the DJ was hot tonight. Playing Dallas by Johnny Winter, Starry Eyes, Robert plamer's version of Sailin' Shoes and Julia, followed by Little Feats Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley. and three Joe Jackson songs. Heard a band new to me called Back Door Slam. Some of the best guitar rock I've heard since early Stevie Ray Vaughn. And looking at the pictures make me think they aren't old enough to drink yet. Damn.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Update to yesterday's post--

Love Demonstrated Ministries has been cited by the U.S. government as a fine faith-based initiative.

Partnering with Faith-based and Community Organizations

The San Antonio Weed & Seed Coalition consists of 120 community, neighborhood, and law enforcement organizations whose mission is to reduce drug-related crime and victimization. The coalition has helped to reduce crime in San Antonio by 43.5 percent from 1992–2000. One of the coalition partners, Love Demonstrated Ministries (LDMI), is a faith-based organization which focuses on youth offenders, gang members, and high risk youth. Over the past three years, 135 of 165 young offenders entering its Life Skills and Parenting Camp have graduated from LDMI, a success rate of 82 percent.

This has been taken directly from the 2003 budget. Honest. I am sure the accounting on the 82% success rate is nuts on.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

How Big is The Closet, Anyhow?

We have had a treat this week--

First, in Florida, we had a Florida Lawmaker, Bob Allen, offers to give a man a blow job for $20.

Florida Republican Bob Allen, the Tampa Police Union's 2007 Lawmaker of the Year, was arrested for soliciting an undercover officer for oral sex in a public restroom. Florida Republican Bob Allen, the local Police Union's 2007 Lawmaker of the Year, was arrested for soliciting an undercover officer for oral sex in a public restroom.

Allen recently sponsored a bill to crack down on soliciting sex in public parks.

Yes, lawmaker of the year. Congrats.

His defense was that he was afraid of the stocky, black man in the restroom (which he cruised by police testimony at least twice) so, of course, he had to offer him $20 to blow him. One hell of a fight or flight instinct he has. Love to see him on a battlefield.

And then we have in Indiana, where Glenn Murphy, the newly-elected leader of the Young Republican National Federation is charged with non-consensual sex. Yes, he went out drinking with a friend, went to his sister's house and woke up with his friend's penis in his mouth. Apparently his friend did not ask and was not amused. And this is the second time he has been charged with this.

Okay, maybe he did not accidentally wake up and find a penis in his mouth. But I can bet he did not publically condone gay behavior. Just a guess, given his rise in the right wing political machine.

The question used to be "How big is the Republican tent?" Now the question must be "How big is the Republican Closet?" The more conservative types tend to be more hawkish. More militaristic. And these folks tend to approve torture, etc. How much of their behavior is based upon their own sexual inadequacy and shame??????

It has to be. And then how much foreign policy is based upon psychological inadequacy, gender orientation shame and dissatisfaction? This is really a scary thought. Particularly when decisions are made based upon these projections. After all, we must be tough MEN!!!! Couple this with the streak that has become apparent in some of the military where head men with fingers on nuclear armaments want an apocalypse and we have a very scary foreign policy.

In other news--

"BANQUETE, Texas — The director of a Christian boot camp and an employee were arrested Friday for allegedly dragging a 15-year-old girl behind a van after she fell behind the group during a morning run, authorities said.

Charles Eugene Flowers and Stephanie Bassitt of San Antonio-based Love Demonstrated Ministries, a 32-day boot camp, were arrested on aggravated assault charges for the alleged June 12 incident.

The two are accused of tying the girl to the van with a rope then dragging her, according to an arrest affidavit filed Wednesday by the Nueces County Sheriff's Department.

Both remained in Nueces County Jail late Friday on $100,000 bond each.

A call to Love Demonstrated Ministries was not immediately returned Friday. No listing was found for Bassitt. An answering machine at a listing for Flowers cut off during an attempt to leave a message Friday.

Flowers, the camp's director, allegedly ordered Bassitt to run alongside the girl after she fell behind, the affidavit said. When the girl stopped running, Bassitt allegedly yelled at her and pinned her to the ground while Flowers tied the rope to her, according to the affidavit."

Love Demonstrated my ass! Like I said, torture, often homoerotic torture, is the basis of a disciplinary society. I am convinced much of this is twisted projection of gender misidentification and shame. Can't be gay and be saved. So repress it and be successful and make others suffer like you have to so you can be accepted.