Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Wish I Were So Gung Ho As These Guys, not really

The following is a letter that I have written to the founder of an organization "In God We Trust America".

I came across your booth at the CA League Of Cities show. I was originally appalled that "In God We Trust" was replacing e pluribus unum as the national motto in the opinion of some. I had to do some research and found that it actually was the national motto. It came to prominence during the days of the Red Scare. I knew that "under God" was added to the Pledge of Allegiance at that time, but was unaware of the change of the national motto.
I am very glad you made me aware of that. Now I will do my damnedest to return the national motto to the previous Latin one. It is embarrassing to think the national visionary approach to our great country is based in fear of communists and heathens, defeating the spirit of e pluribus unum. I see people tout this motto of "In God We Trust" and wonder in whose God we trust? Is it the Catholic God? the Protestant God? the Muslim God? The Deist Deity? the Buddhist One?
After seeing the fracturing of the current political landscape of the United States, where good will has taken a back seat, I am leery, if not frightened by a group who can further polarize the spiritual make up of this great country. I challenge you to prove to me that this organization is not an organization that marginalizes belief systems of others and includes them in an attempt to unify the citizens of this country. Prove to me that this organization does not breed contempt, but rather promotes a healing balm based upon the love exemplified in the New Testament. Then I could back this group.
If your group marginalizes or can be used to breed prejudicial judgment of various social and spiritual organizations, then you have taken a step backwards from the creation of this country.
e pluribus unum.

I am so tired of groups who claim to know how everyone else should believe. It exhausts me. I am reminded of why I don't like consensus government (yes, I lived in a variety of decision-making systems in communes). The one with "the loudest voice and the thickest skin" normally wins. Typically, in America, it is the one's with the funding. How sad.


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