Thursday, January 17, 2008

Today's post starts with a reference we all should read. 10,000,000 emails disappear against Federal regulation when we start a war, give out the identity of our covert EXPERT on Iranian nukeular policy and start investigations that could lead to impeachment. Either this is the Gang who could not think straight (I wonder if computers were around 6,000 years ago. or did they evolve?) or they think that "if the dog ate their homework" that is okay. At least concoct excuses better than an eight year old.

Being a geek, I called in late to work today when I saw Barnake (I am sorry, I mispelled his name yet another way earlier, no disrespect intended) today at his hearing thingie. Very precise statement of facts, I know.But, he was sweating and his voice was wavering as he stated his case. We need a short-term fix. Not over the next year, within 2-3 months. Period. Tax cuts he would not comment on as he put it "I won't get into politics."

Later he spoke of balancing input and output. You either cut the budget majorly or add taxes. Not rocket science. Anyone who raises kids and pays mortgage knows you have to buy clothes, food, utilities and pay mortgage. You don't have an option. And you only have XXXX amount of dollars. Duh. Unless you are born with a silver spoon and don't have to worry about these things. Ah, dreams of being a kept man float through my head. as do fantasies of winning. Or wiining powerball.

Anyhow, he also mentioned that the mortgage carnage is worth $100,000,000, but may be MULTIPLES of that and maybe as much as $1,000,000,000 or 7.x% of America's annual economy. OW! But no one saw it coming. This is why there is need for a short term stimulus, just so people who have to buy gas, buy food, and pay bills can do it. Or best case so they can buy products. This is a far cry from long-term benfits (if any) from a trickle down (genuflect to St. Reagan) economy. As many times as he said short-term, I got very afraid. very, very afraid of what he is seeing in the tea leaves.

Ooops flight is going. maybe more on this later.

Hey moog, would buy this for a quarter?
from the story The Marching Morons

I have a hard time believing that the media still believes anything that comes out of this administration. The "speedboats going to kill us all" in the Straits of Hormuz story is one fine example. People said the Al Jazeera tapes had to be faked. No, once again, the news was leaked at a specific time to get people all riled up about those damned Iranians just as Middle East "Peace" talks were coming off.

Follow me on this. Bush hisself goes to talk peace, but the US warship is attacked by 3 speedboats. It shows how big a menace those pesky Iranians are and they should be bombed back to the Stone Age. Now, let's talk peace. Does Gulf of Tonkin mean anything to anyone? Here is our esteemed leader trying to provoke a war while at peace talks. and has members of his cabinet "make up" a news story. Just to prove his big his swinging dick is.

Doesn't the media find two or three sources for stories any more, or do we all have to suffer from gossip column reportage. One unnamed source leaked... hmmm. I am sorry. "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, and we won't be fooled again." Yet the MSM falls for it again and again and again. So, American public opinion is swayed by a fraudulent leak whose inaccuracy will never really be believed. Let me state that more clearly---the lie got out there first, hit the front pages, the 30-second sound byte, and any follow up will not get that big of coverage. Over 30% of the population in some states still believe there were WMDs in Iraq, and at least 10% in the last survey I read believe these were used against American troops. This was about 6 months ago. The state in question was one of the Carolinas.

I had a boss once who lied and covered up his own deficiencies by setting others up to do a lot of his work and then when decisions were wrong he had a fall guy. It was always their fault as they gave him bad information. After a while, you had to learn to cover your ass. Write, print and save all emails. Turn down information hunts that were not part of your responsibility. Be cynical. When will the press and the American public learn these bastards in office lie.??!!Continually.

So far, this administartion has ruined the economy, got us stuck in a Vietnam-like scenario and is trying to start another war, while concommitantly making agreements to tie America to their strategery for another 20 years. People should be screaming.

And yet videos are believed at face value and Iran is the greatest threat to America going. and we sell arms to Suadi Arabia, the country that helped organize the World Trade Center massacre (how many in the plot came from Iraq? from Saudi?) We are being sold down the river. and people just schlump along without rage in their hearts. And wonder how they can buy their next big screen TV.

I have a hard time sleeping at night knowing the country I love has caused over 600,000 needless deaths just so some asshole can play Commander Guy and the oil companies who own his soul profit. And now the right-wing press is saying all the stories by The Lancet giving the death toll in Iraq is payed for by George Soros. and why does he love the terrorists? After all the death toll is only 50,000. You can still sleep at night knowing you caused 50,000 deaths just so democracy in the Middle East will get a chance? Yet you bitch when Hamas gets elected.

I am glad it is early morning or I would reallly be pissed off. No caffeine yet.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Too Tired to Really Rant

But a few things need said--

I overheard on the radio yesterday a snarky comment which did make me chuckle. On a sportstalk station they were mentioning that Kucinich was not going to be on the stage at the semi-democratic debate last night. "Why not just let him stand near the corner. He won't take up that much room."

But the seriousness of not covering a candidate and letting him have his say is a problem. He was right on the war, on impeachment and other topics, but he is too far out there to let him speak, b y some standards. (Being correct and having foresight is not a big deal to some.) Actually, in this sense the media is controlling the election. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there, NO ONE HEARS IT. I do not want to get into the solipsistic argument of the importance of self-consciousness here, other than to say of course the damn tree fell, but no one was there to hear it and therefore knows it fell. Well, if Kucinich can't speak publically, who knows what he says. (I hate it when Bishop Berkeley was right, even in a limited way.) MSM should not be allowed to control our access to information. He's unelectable, but right. If he were heard, at worst he would influence the debate.

Then Mitt "I was born witrh a silver spoon in my mouth" Romney is quoted as saying his victory in Michigan is an inspiration for all the hard-working people (who he embodies.) Huh? Didn't Daddy own Michigan and a car company? How many times did daddy run for President? If I remember my conventions correctly, more than twice he was mentioned by the delegates of the Great State of Meechigan. So Mitt gets to be blue collar by having it rub off on him? WTF and no one questions this--but Kucinich can't catch a break. MSM should have ripped him a new one for his pomposity, if nothing else. Okay, so he looks like a Ken doll. So what?

and Huckabeerry Hound wants to change the constitution to suit his beliefs. You know, he has the right to do that. Women got the right to vote. Blacks got rights. I just don't want to live in that type of country so I hope he keeps being defeated. He si the scariest candidate to me. A populist who is one of God's own. That automatically gets him 25% of the vote. All he needs is a third party candidate and 15% more and he wins. Oy! oops, excuse me--Paraise Jesus.


Monday, January 14, 2008

"Citigroup could write down as much as $24 billion due to subprime and credit-related losses, CNBC has learned. In addition, an estimated 20 thousand layoffs will be part of a comprehensive plan to slash costs and raise capital.

The plans will be unveiled Tuesday, when it reports fourth-quarter earnings. At the same time, Citigroup could also announce that it is cutting its dividend payment. "

I wonder how many hourly and middle management disappear and how many executives. Let's see middle management = $60,000-70,000. CEO = $5,000,000 and bonuses minimum. or roughly 10 middle managers whose job it is to follow orders. Just once I want millions for a job where I can run the company into the ground!!!!! Home Depot, I am waiting!

Speaking of which, Ford is making the hopes of future profits (and probably existence) on the production of the new F-150. Yes, make a gas hog that is a high profit margin in case bad gas mileage and high gas prices may have any effect on consumer spending habits. I know I am lining up for a 12 mpg vehicle. How about you? Any wonder why Toyota is now the second highest selling car in America. Yes, Toyota, not Chrysler or Ford! and they have GM in their sites. Remember, GM cut the electric car because there was no market. and remarketed the NOva (no go) in Mexico after the first failure. D'oh. I hate to say it, but amercian car companies earn the stupidest management titles they deserve.

Overheard on the radio today--

1) Huckabee is more dangerous than Al Queda to America. He has the backing of the Teacher's Union and the NEA. He can destroy a generation by teaching them the wrong things and a dirty bomb can only kill at worst 100,000. Another Right Wing WTF moment.

2) It is okay to vote for a pro-life candidate even if he is not approving of the death penalty. Let's see pro-life and pro-death. Hmmm. or pro-life and wanting death. Damned catholic channels confuse me. The death penalty was justified as punishment.

3) We must elect Rudy so he can place more strict constructionist Supreme Court judges. Regardless of his other policies for the greater good of the country. Right Wing idiot Dennis Prager.Enough OMG moments on the radio.

But one more stoopid fact according to Playboy-Thompson supporters have more sex than anyone else with 17% doing it at least once per week. I never knew that much Viagra was consumed by seniors. Damn!!!!!

wow, another great day on I-5. Is it any wonder Americans are dumber than ever?


Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Day of Surprises

Let's see--US may have misrepresented the Iranian speedboat threat (source ABC news). What a shock!!!! Yeah, right. Peznut Chimpface goes to the Mid East and they have to ratchet up fear. I hope the perpetrators of these atrocities never have to bend over for the soap in the prison shower. Then they shall know what "oops, my mistake." really means. Butt, maybe Rove would like that.

Internal US wiretaps are dropped by the phone companies for lack of payment. How did that happen? Debt getting too much yet? I am glad to know that someone else gets punished for the "Oh, I just forgot line." I wonder if these wiretaps were FISA legal?

Christmas spending hurting the economy. No one had any money to spend if they had to buy gas, heating oil and medical expertise. Just have to love those good paying manufacturing jobs at McDonalds. (Honest, Buerau of labor reclassified making fries as manufacturing years ago in the Bush Presiduncy to make the numbers look better. Look it up.) Of course this means we need more tax cuts for the rich in some god-awful twisted way. Like that money will trickle down. Just ask the steel workers in Cleveland and Pittsburgh how well it trickled down in the 80s until now and how many steel manufacturers there still are in the area by comparison. Or maybe autoworkers in Flint. Hard to buy a plasma big screen on Mickey Dees wages.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Today's TV Fun

I was watching morning hotel TV yesterday and had on CNBC. Almost never watch it, but they had on a segment on business called "Squawk on the Street." It is hosted by the obligatory news babe and an elderly angry white male. No comments necessary on why there are few, if any, angry elderly white women and few news hunks. Probably the same reason strip clubs (excuse me, gentlemen's clubs--like there are a lot of gentlemen asking for lap dances out there--maybe we should ask Miss Manners) advertise in the sports and business sections, aside from the back of alternative newspapers under adult services. BTW, never knew there were so many Asian immigrants offering massage services. So many CMTs, so little time.

But I digress, the news babe reads the story on the gun boats threatening US destroyers yesterday at about 7:30 CA time (funny how this happens when the Preznut, J Fredd Muggs in Chief, is going to the Middle East. Maybe he needs to stay away and keep from fanning the flames. I don't think they like him there.) and all of sudden the fat Angry White Man must have not known his mike was live. "They should just sink them!" comes over the tube. He may know business, the bastion of Fat Angry White Males, but foreign policy expert he is not. Anyhow, the news babe rolls her eyes and looks to the ceiling left as she tries figure out how to cover the gaff. And her career just ticks away.

Today (just can't get enough) they had an on-scene reporter at the Las Vegas High Tech Goo Jaw show. He was talking about electroferric paper as a means of possibly making newspapers that are constantly changing. Except, he called it "really cool" paper. and admitted he might not be able to remember the name of the paper once he was done with the script. He is the "tech expert". Great expert coverage there. The news babe comes back, "just think if they can make this paper it will be like the newspaper in Majority Report and there will never be just one deadline. It will be deadlines 24/7." She is probably correct.

Probably the most incisive comment over the past two days, that.

Remember when we could relax without cell phones and being on line all the time. Bet you tranqs and booze and Ambien are used more than ever. You need to be off line sometimes, just to digest and think. and meditate. and enjoy the simple act of breathing. Even a tweaker needs to crash sometimes. And tweak ain't life and its creative cycles. I need to ask myself, how often do I take a deep breath and relax while at work? Does work ever end? and how do you delineate that in your consciousness? comments, anyone.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Can't Pass This One Up!

What happens when Bush takes Viagra? he gets taller. Robin Williams