Friday, January 30, 2009

I Have a High School Hall Pass

Will that work? Can I get a pass to go anywhere and do anything with that?

To me the biggest story of the day was not the legislation that allows more than 180 days before you sue your employer for being underpaid because of gender, or the stimulus package, but this load of crap.

How can Karl Rove, the Kingpin of Crime, aka "doughboy" or one of the Gucker and Gannon butt boys (no proof, just conjecture), be given executive immunity on things he said he was not involved in? And after he no longer works for the Executive? If he knew nothjing and was not involved why would the President make sure his counsel gave Doughboy a hall pass. He was just covering his ass. this is not hard to see. If Rove ever had to testify, we would know how illegal everything was, including the rigged 2004 election. Anyone with any street smarts knows this.

Perhaps the bigger question is if that hall pass is seen as not applicable, what country will protect Rove or will he meet Kenny-boy Lay? (I know this is insensitive to the Lay family, but I have had questions about his untimely demise and if he really was depressed enough to commit suicide, I sincerely apologize to his family.)


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The first is that Obama is going to let CA have stricter emissions standards and that will impact the US car market by making manufacturers meet them. This is in many news sources so I really have not added a link. But, In a few of the stories i have read, it states that this is using existing technology to reduce emission standards (narrower tires at higher pressures, variable valve timing, 4/6/8 engine run options). It also states that this will add $1400 to the cost of each car, make US cars non-competitive and end the world as we know it. Okay, I made the last part up.

I have to question that if this is existing technology, why it would add so much to the price of a car. Okay, the 4/6/8 option would becasue of the controls. Variable valve timing is only used in premium models and many foreign cars. Or is it this just more of the same news details leaked by manufacturers and lobbyists to back the regressive position that has gotten Amerian car manufacturers where they are today, with two of the Big Three needing government handout.

The other story is that American Honda is moving some jobs to China
. It is the end of the world as we know it tone that bothers me, If you were making something at point A and they were not selling and you had to ship the product to point B 14,000 miles away, yet you could make them there at existing factories by expanding them, what is the smart and prudent business choice? This is not rocket science. There is an expanding market in China. Why should this surprise me that manufacturing is moving there?

This is the same principle as sustainable agriculture. Buy local. Because we were buying cars from Japan, they came here to build factories. It is not our right as god-fearing Americans that all factories be built here. What really should be the question is how to get the American economy rolling again to make sure we have people who can afford to buy a car.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Energy in Spain

I'll take a day away from the auto manufacturing and sales news to look at solar power in Spain. This looks interesting and wonder what Nevada could provide, other than a bomb testing site for the military. Combine this with increased wind power and we have better national security, because we become less reliant on purchasing energy for our life style. As Americans, we use lots of energy per capita.

On a personal note, it is time for me to try vermiculture and see if it is a useful household methodology. I am going to buy the parts for the bins this weekend, I hope.