Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dinner With No Lights

Glow in the dark sushi!!!!! what fun.

How to Make a Desert

Here is one you won't find on many newstands. and here is how it works. The earth has little pockets where underground lakes and rivers exist, or there are large sections of porous sand that are filled with water. It gets there from rainfall and is gently filtered by the many layers of dirt, topsoil, sang, gravel and minerals. It produces fresh water. When you deplete an aquifer, often the weight of the earth collapses causing a sinkhole to where the water should be or subsidence, where the layers of gravel, etc. compressed and the water will never fill those regions again--forever limiting the water there. When you dry out farmland it is game over! welcome dust bowl.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Meg Whitman, Job Creator

Gotta love when she sez she was a proven job creator. Once again, the way to balance the bottom line is to cut payroll. Her excuse was they have no new products and are losing market share. One of the previous CEOs cut R&D so they had no new products.make crappy stuff and your market share drops, so fire people. However, I notice execs NEVER give back their salaries, but get "Golden Parachutes" that ALWAYS equal many hourly workers. 

A good read, but speaks to the frustration of the 99%.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's Almost Memorial Day

I see today that gas prices are going up again. It happens every year at this time. It must be that the viscosity of oil under the earth gets thicker around now causing higher pumping prices. Otherwise you might think there is price-setting and collusion. markets regulate themselves so that couldn't be.


Friday, May 11, 2012

They Can't Be Serious

Yes, it is time for my normal morning cheeriness. okay, it is Friday and I enjoy sarcasm. The attached article is a longer read, but outlines the attempt by conservative think tanks to smear wind energy as dirty energy. Certainly not as effective as petrochemicals. Oh yes, this program is being paid for by oil companies (imagine that) and includes the normal suspects (ALEC, to change zoning and clean energy bills). and then you have the head of NASA stating if the tar sands project gets off the ground in full (remember that pipeline to Houston over the Ogalala aquifer) it is end game for climate change. Hmmm, science sez one thing, the oil industry another. Who to believe? Kind of reminds me of the tobacco industry stating that cigarettes weren't harmful.