Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Fillmore Label Artist

Here is the other Fillmore label artist with Jo Baker as his lead vocalist.

Sunday Morning, Wake Up!

The underrated Lydia Pense of Cold Blood on vocals.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How Many Ways Is This Wrong?!

This is from an interview of Chris Matthews by Charlie Rose.

Matthews: Well they don't quite get me. They, I'm first of all a grown up and they resent that, but secondly, and also, I have a job..they don't like that either.(speaking about bloggers, rojo) That's really going to fester them with anger. But when we first went into Iraq and when they set it up this way or not and whether or not Mike Deaver still had his hand in this or not, you know like it all looked good, they all tore down the statues and everything looked great, I thought you know I've been dead wrong about this.

Rose: At that point everything was great.

Matthews: I thought I was wrong, but I thought it was good for the country.

Rose: That...

Matthews: That's what's different. I'm not a lefty now because I said you know, I'd rather be wrong about something this fundamental and have it good for my country that was the right move to go in. And the Charles Krauthammer's and the other smart people and the neo-conservatives that supported the war, I'm glad they're right, because this is good for my country. And for the days right after that when the statues were coming down and the people seemed happy and the Sunnis were on the run, the Shias seemed happy and they hadn't started causing trouble yet, and Sistani was with us and al Sadr hadn't started causing trouble, and everything seemed alright, I was glad for my country.

And so I would say positive things about mission accomplished. I wanted to be wrong. That's why I'm different than these bloggers and people that are so cock sure of themselves. I'd rather have my country succeed than be right. You know I can live with being wrong. I don't want to live in a country that's failed. So I'm different than most people that way. I don't want to just be the smartass that's right all the time. I'd rather be wrong when my country is hurt. I don't want it to get hurt.

Where do you even start? Okay, maybe we start with why Chris thinks bloggers are angry because he has a job. I blog just a little because I too have a job. Mine is treating water and wastewater. You know, public health and environmental protection. If I screw up at my job people get sick.

What is Chris' job? O yeah, to be a journalist. Report the truth. So here he is reporting on what he believes is not right, but good for the country. Like a buffoon he helped cheerlead us into a war by swaying public opinion for the war that was built on false pretenses. Unlike me, where I provide health (hopefully) he sways public opinion with his words. So let's see--he helped get us into a war not because it was right or just, but it would be good for the country. I am sure the 4000+ who have died will share that opinion. As do the hundred of thousand Iraqis who have dies and watched there rather modern country become a hell hole where women have lost most of their rights. And about that war cost never being in the budget--did anyone ever hear Chris bitch about that? No, we can fight a war and shop and run up debt at the same time. The American Way.

One other thing is that didn't anyone see that picking on Saddam was like picking on the local puppy torturer. He was a bad guy. period. So no one could really say we are picking on a good guy. Invading a country with no real air power or anti-aircraft network with airpower is kind of like slapping 3 year olds or puppys. It is no contest. What really sucked is that no one understood the long term ramifications of putting the country back together. The plan was to get their oil and have westrn firms run the oil and the populace could do for themselves. Wonder why they fought back with IEDs?

To me this is even worse than the Faux News Clown Circus. You know they are only seeing things from one side. Chris is supposed to be a serious journalist. Not some kind of buffoon. I am here to say "Chris, you were wrong! and the blood on your hands is as much your fault as the those who came up with the idea to invade a country who had no connection to 9/11." I hope you are proud of your legacy.

Maybe you could start really investigating war fraud, contractor fraud and maybe walk through Iraq and see if you are proud of the death and destruction you helped bring. Me, I will still be angry because you shirked your job. I have a job. I do it so people don't get sick. People rely on me for clean water, for streams that don't kill fish. I rely on you for FACTS. I don't have time to go find them out for myself. That is not my job, it was yours.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yesterday While Sick

I listened to NPR over the weekend and here is The Boner (I think) stating they are going to filibuster the Supreme Court nomination. Was not even announced yet and the F word is proudly paraded. The party of NO! indeed.


Monday, May 25, 2009


or maybe

Had the chance to see Nicky Hopkins play with Jeff Beck and the Airplane. The Airplane had a new band member named Papa John Creach. Here is Papa John and Jorma doing a Blind Willie McTell song

and Papa John with the Airplane off his solso album. Sorry, no video.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Ditty Bops

These two did a bike tour one of there last tours and invited fans to ride with them.

A fun band.

Nice Work If You Can Get It!

and this from the ass who wants to secede. Easy to take millions for yourself of government money.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Not Dead Yet....

I have been travelling and putting in way too many hours so I have not posted in a long time. here goes--

Congratulations to Natalia Rudiak for winning her populist race for Council in Pittsburgh!

John Boner of Ohio (oops, did I spell that wrong. too bad, Mr. Bronzeface) wants a bipartisan investigation into torture and Nancy Pelosi because the CIA would never lie. He's right. Let's start by investigating torture in a purely apolitical manner and see if any laws were broken. Then prosecute whoever gets caught in the web. Gut feeling tells me that is why Mr. Cheney is in the news speaking so much. If torture is ever investigated then someone in the previous administartion goes down! period. Just today Gonzalez was listed as the source of approval for torture before he worked for the Justice Department, back when he worked for the White house. oops. Someone had to give him the green light to say yes.

GM and Chrysler are closing so many dealerships that 100,000 will be out work soon. That really sucks! and yet the asshole who was in charge of GM can't be gotten of payroll yet until his perks are squared away. There is really something wrong with that.

Finally this little gem. Global warming effects the world! not just us white folk in the U.S.

Music of some sort tomorrow. Promise.

And I saw Lou Dobbs tonight while working out. You would think after his report the whole of U.S. crime is caused by illegal immigrants. Every story ended with "...and they were illegal immigrants."


Sunday, May 17, 2009

On TV Last Night

and how about that bass player, Tal Wilkenfled!!!


Friday, May 15, 2009

A Friday Toone

I stopped in a Starbuck's yesterday for some tea--don't laugh, coffee and I don't get along and they were playing Talking Heads. I said to myself--boy, why have I never posted scenes from the BEST CONCERT VIDEO ever--Stop Making Sense. I mean how can you not watch this and not want to dance???!!!!!

So this morning I see Crooks and Liars posted Life During Wartime.

Here is more to start the day

from the quirky Psychokiller performed with boombox to this

It is well worth getting your hands on the DVD and having a party!!!!!!! Hey, they even have Bernie Worrel from PFunk in the band.
Even if the 25th anniversary DVD takes two of my favorite toones of the VCR version and places them in extra.

Happy Friday!


oohh one more

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let's Make the World a Better World

Okay, it is time to quit fixating on how Ms. PreJean's boobs have miraculously grown and gotten rounder as she embraced God and opposite marriage.

And how the insurance companies pledge to give up $2 Trillion dollars just to stay viable (makes you wonder how much they really make if $2 trillion is chump change?). Do ya think we need single payer when that much is chump change. OMG.

And GM is going to file bankruptcy. Yeesh. A sad, sad saga of mismanagement when you basically OWN the market place and then how to lose it. I bet the executives made more money in bonuses pissing away the market share then I will make in my lifetime. Maybe I should have gone to General Motors Institute when I was excepted. Naw, let's go live in a commune. D'oh. One of my better moves. Brilliant!

So, to change your day--