Monday, November 19, 2007

I wrote a smart ass post last weekend about praying for rain in Georgia, but some at Salon has asked the hard questions. What if some of our major southeastern cities start running low on water. Last year sections of reservoirs on the Colorado River that had not seen the light of day for 30 years were not submerged anymore. What happens to Phoenix and Tucson if the water they expect to see from the CAP canal disappear. What about Vegas? what at LA? Ow!!!!! For anyone that has not read the book Cadillac Desert, please find a copy and read it. Or the book Water Wars. I work for a privatization firm. We are needed because in this imperfect world there are many cities, towns and districts that have not made plans to replace and secure infrastructure. In a perfect world, firms like mine would be not needed. As a digression, is it an easier sell to fund new pipes or a new courthouse, police cars or recreation center?

I have yet to see in MSM rainfall projections based upon the rapidly warming seas. What happens if rainfall patterns change? Water law in the western US does not account for that. Farmlands will go dry as rapidly growing municipalities use their consolidated economic clout to basically get water from farmers either through purchasing rights or PR campaigns--"Would you let little Johnny go without water?" This should concern everyone, particularly in the US.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday's Miscellaneous Topics

we normally leave all the apples on our tree and on the ground for the multitudinous flickers and squirrels in our neighborhood for the winter and are blessed with their presence all year long. The squirrels are not really too bad. They keep my Australian Shepherd busy. hee. So this year we have a parrot sharing the harvest. That is correct, a full-fledged 12-15" tall parrot. Here every day for at least an hour. It bothers me as I do not think it will do well once the temperatures stay below 40 degrees for a long period of time. I have called animal control, but by the time they get here, the bird is gone. I know for two years we have had parakeets in the area during cherry season. Will parrots die from exposure? does anyone know?

Political rant time--Preznut Chimpboy stated in yesterday's paper that he is angry with the Senate for not approving his choices for judges and because of that the Constitution is being violated. They need to approve his choices without asking them hypothetical questions like "Is waterboarding legal?" Or if there were a hanging would it be tried as a race crime? Since when is he a constitutional scholar. Mr. Signing Statement? Mr. Eavesdrop? Mr. Recess Appointment? Using government resources for political gain for his party. Lying to get us into a war? Being a war criminal? What? The Senate is hating the Constitution? Give me a break! Maybe the Decider should read the damn thing.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

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What is Bush's plan to deal with oil at nearly $100/barrel? by
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From the Wash Post:
In the past 10 weeks, the price of crude oil has shot up $25 a barrel, closing at $95.93 in New York on Friday, near an all-time inflation-adjusted peak.And more importantly, why have Americans been so willing to accept a doubling of gas prices since Bush has come to office? I suspect Americans have taken the gas price rise in stride, attributing it to yet another post-Sept-11 sacrifice. The only problem is that gas prices actually dropped after September 11. So, just like the budget deficit, that is in large part due to Bush's tax cuts and NOT September 11 and the war, the public has again been snookered. At some point, it all just becomes so depressing. Are we really this ignorant as a people?

Damn good question and worth repeating. Why is there no major public protest?


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Uncomplimentary Thoughts on a Thursday Morning

1) I was in the hotel this past week and heard the mellifluous tones of the hotel announcer on the menu channel state "For your adult entertainment needs please hit 1 and enter on the menu of your remote control." So I said to myself, "I am an adult." So, I did. One of the features was Big-titted Woman. Hello, didn't he say adult entertainment. Not pre-pubescent boys fantasies. I am not opposed to big-titted women, but something tells me a movie entitled that may lack for adult dialogue and plot. Just maybe. No. I did not wait to see.

2) Just saw the MTV marvel show (at least the three minute introduction) featuring Tila Tequila (who admits we must be stunned by her Hot videos featuring her). Why not call the show--Do you to fuck my hot body and I can't wait to say no!

And we wonder why people are getting stupider and stupider.

I fear for the human race as we watch Pants Off, Dance Off.

Hey moogs, would buy that for a quarter? -- see the novella The Marching Morons.