Sunday, July 27, 2008

I am tired, just so tired of those who know how we should practice sex. Routinely, they have God on their side. I mean, who can argue with the Divine? This comic book released by Brent Rinehart in his bid to be elected as County Commissioner in Oklahoma County takes the cake. All I can say is "Wow!" Talk about trying to reach your constituents. If this is the prevailing attitude in the great State of Oklahoma, it may win the award for the most backwards place in the US, or at least tie with Wyoming when it comes to gay politics and probably the environment. I left a trade show in Wyoming years ago when the salesmen at the bar (almost all sales at trade shows end up in the bar, seldom on the trade show floor, even if conversations start there) were joking about the gay killing in WY and why it was a good thing. It made my skin crawl. But in that situation speaking out would not have worked. About six of us left and went to another group and the talk there revolved around using high powered rifles to hunt antelope. Left that one too. I noticed that there was little conversation about vibrational healing, reflexology or meditation. (As an aside, since then, I have found a good cranial sacral therapist in Casper, along with a burgeoning metaphysical bookstore scene and organic food stores. and Bike paths. not bad actually.)

Anyhow, I am tired of sexual intolerance. Angry at it. Alabama has outlawed sex toys. Gay sex is verbotten (at least they don't stone gays there.) And the architect of many of these rules, well, let's just say he does not practice what he preached. Kind of like the incident in Indiana. I can hear it now--"I just don't know how that thing got in my mouth. It must have crawled there."

I just don't understand. But I am seeing a consistent pattern of those who seem to speak out the loudest about sexual orientation really, really, really seem to have monsters in their closet. They cannot admit that they have some attraction to other men, or at least have never completely individuated their sexuality. I mean, after a while, comic book archetypes such as Barb Wire cannot be the ultimate in sexual fantasies. Or school girls. Are plaid skirts really a turn on?

There was some sense of privacy in the recent court case of the head of Formula One (FIA) for taking part in an S/m or B/d scene. The biggest problem was that it had Nazi overtones. The British judge hearing the case said it was his own fantasy and private business. Period. If he wants involved in B&D and leather-garbed dominatrices, let him. Actually, it was just a good-old-fashioned S&M orgy. The trial proved that and he won a civil case.

I sit and wonder at male sexuality at times and think if there were more openness in men about urges, the world would be a better place. Somewhere in gym classes and locker rooms, guys have wet towels snapped on their dicks if they are not studly enough. O yeah, this DOES happen. So, if you don't want to be labeled or get the shit beaten out of you, you toe the gender lines. and hide any uncertanties you may have. any feeling that are not completely developed get thrown into the pit of the subconscious and fester. Oh, they come out in weird ways. Anyone look at American policy towards terror lately, or wonder why Jeffrey Gannon had access to the White House routinely? Or wonder why the US military has to pick a fight with Grenada? Maybe their dicks will fall off if they don't win a war. Or why Gitmo is considered like frat house pranks? Because this kind of stuff happens. coat hanger branding, tying up drunks and humiliating them and so on. Doubt that, search hogtie and comedy on You Tube.

It has already been noted in scientific journals that gay and lesbian brains have different connections between brain hemispheres than heterosexual brains. Now there is research that different hemispheres of the brain are configured differently if you are attracted to men or women. Who knows where all this may lead? And notice that bi-sexual tendencies have not even begun to be researched in this manner. How many men (I can't speak for women) have had to sublimate bi-sexual tendencies so they are not castigated or punished when they are young and vulnerable? Or at least had to hide incomplete sexual gender orientation?

I am convinced at this point that the anger at homosexuals, anger at "not normal" sex is nothing more than bluster to hide uncertainties. I won't make any cheap jokes about American Men and pick-up trucks. I am too close to 50+ and still want a sports car, but killing animals, hunting and pickups has never been my thing. Fast cars and women in leather jeans, maybe. The point is how much culture that is accepted as normal stuff is no more than covering insecurities. These insecurities are what ad campaigns trigger to fuel the capitalistic economic engine we are so familiar with. Buy a new car, buy a new computer and so on and get laid. Wahoo! Oh, yes, my favorite, Drink Coors and get laid by twin blondes. In one sense, sex fuels the western economy and sexual sublimation really fuels the energy crisis. Got to have the most is the root cause unregulated capitalism as a goal. To have more, you need to consume more and in the Western World that means energy.


Friday, July 25, 2008

First thing is why does not the Federal Government renationalize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They were nationalized until 1968, I think. They don't seem to good at making a profit and we have to bail them out. Let's take the profit margin out of it so it again becomes a public service organization. Oh wait, they might not get the best and brightest administrators if there were no profit. They might be run into the ground. Imagine that. I mean with good administration, they would never have to worry about not making profit, and having to be bailed out. A free market economy solves all. Especially when you can completely fuck up, run a billion dollar business into the ground, take your bonuses and ask for a bailout. Thanks, St. Reagan. If it weren't for government help...

I see Ford Motor Company just lost their ass this quarter after banking on big trucks to take them out of the red. Wow! Who could have seen that one coming? Again, did the executives get a bonus for their forward vision? Big Pick Ups + $4.50/gallon gas = one big loss. Man, I want a job where I can make such stupid decisions, keep my job, make millions and get bonuses. Betcha the hourly workers and middle management take the brunt of the cuts. Gotta love the free market. Always someone else to blame.

And don't get me wrong--I have lived in communes, experienced half-assed communism and know that doesn't work either, because of human nature. My dad used to tell me that in my youthful idealism. I was to inexperienced to know he was very right. Guess what, unbridled capitalism doesn't work either, for the same reason. Some aspects of human nature are not necessarily conducive to the betterment of the human community. In fact, when it comes to money and power, much of the motivation is really venal.

One thing is certain is that aspects and need for my job treating water and wastewater will never go away. Here are some things I have come across on the web today. This is from

" Commissioned by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), Water Science and Marketing (WSM) recently completed a study identifying a limited number of commercially available point-of-use (POU) water treatment devices as effective for the removal of Perfluorochemicals (PFCs) from drinking water supplies.

A new class of contaminants, referred to as PFC’s, has now been detected in drinking water supplies in Minnesota, Ohio, West Virginia, and other states. Due to the number of years of widespread, and continued use of products containing PFC’s (Teflon, Scotchgard, etc.), measurable concentrations are likely to be found in drinking water supplies throughout the US and World. While toxicity of various PFC compounds are known, third-party performance data has not been available to determine if the use of commercially available POU devices represent a viable drinking water treatment option for their removal in residential applications.

To secure this information the MDH commissioned WSM to conduct an extensive study to provide data relevant to PFC removal performance/capacity for such POU devices, in addition to, identification of factors affecting reliability, and operational characteristics/limitations. Execution of this $640,000 study required WSM to determine the theoretical bases/mechanics of PFC removal for candidate technologies and associated POU devices, create new test methodologies to ensure reliability of data, design/construct specialized test stations, and conduct both in-lab and field-testing.

WSM has released their final report on this study to the MDH. It will be published and accessible through the following link: within the next few days/weeks. This study represents the first third-party performance evaluation of its kind, and is considered a groundbreaking effort in the area of performance testing for the removal of emerging health-effect contaminants of concern such as:

• Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs),
• Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs),
• Perfluorochemicals (PFCs)
• Nano-particles from unregulated advances in nanotechnology.

WSM personnel have been directly engaged in research, new product development, performance testing, and regulatory review of these emerging contaminants for the last several years. They are advising public health protection agencies and private corporations on technical and regulatory aspects, including their removal from drinking water sources and public supplies. WSM specializes in technology evaluations and assessments for the removal of contaminants that are weakly addressed by current certification standards, or are extremely expensive to conduct through these agencies. In addition, WSM provides services related to business growth initiatives including market research, new product/technology development, training, business plan development, and identification/procurement of strategic partners. "

This is from the Minnesota Department of Environmental Health.

Let's see, we have solvents still in groundwater, percholates still migrating, high salinity in drinking water in CA, MTBE in groundwater and now we are seeing endocrine disruptors and pharmaceuticals in surface and groundwater. O yeah, I have employment for life if I keep my nose clean and stay up on issues. And here in CA, I am amazed at how many laws there are, how many organizations and government bodies there are to regulate these things and how proud they are of their forward thinking---yet, the basic hydraulic designs used to model the parameters of wastewater effluent are based upon dilution is the solution to pollution. It makes me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There so many lagoons in this state that are there because there is water reuse, using the treated effluent to irrigate fields and return to groundwater. But the ponds do so little for treatment it is ridiculous. High nitrates and phosphorus, no treatment of pharmaceuticals, lower energy costs, much less operator costs (how experienced do you have to be to watch a pond?, therefore, much cheaper labor). Yup, I have employment for life.


Friday, July 18, 2008

If this report is true, it makes you wonder what elections that have been held in the last ten years are actually true!

It would indeed be the saddest entry into the history of our country since the Gulf of Tonkin resolution.

Lie to get into war. the Amerikan way!

eating BBQ (what else should one eat when in Texas?) last night, and CNN was on in the restaurant TV. Must not have been any sports. For one hour I heard TV newsmodel after newsmodel (and okay, I am a guy and I have noticed that the morning newsmodel Karin something or other has nice legs and wears cool heels. Tell me this isn't part of the plan. I doubt if there would the female equivalent of Morley Safer or Andy Rooney on TV), state that McCain has backed Obama into a political corner with his recent speeched because the Surge has worked.

For one hour America has been pommeled with how well the surge worked. Wait one damned minute, MSM! The Surge worked? We have had Iraqis leaving their posts and changing sides in the past six months, one of the deadliest years of the conflict, little infrastructure rebuilt, the Iraqis asking us to leave as an invader and occupier and more. Oh, yes, and more troops in Iraq after the Surge has pulled out than before the Surge started. And no one in the media is asking whether or not we need to be there!!!!!! Or if the original policy was so flawed (fast win, no reconstruction plan, not enough troops for a prolonged occupation, no foresight into Iraqi internal political divisions and so on). McCain has backed Obama into a corner?!

McCain has backed an unjust war effort that has cost over 1,000,000 lives, put a country into complete disarray, and brought the US to near bankruptcy (how long after the Soviet foray into Afghanistan did it take for the USSR to collapse in tatters and debt?). Where the hell is the coverage of that!!! How can you be so wrong on the fundamental issue and have backed someone into a corner unless the whole country feels that the war was the right thing to do.

After looking at the latest polls, who says that?This is what needs to be brought out. The country we love is being backed into a corner of debt, stagflation and low morale. and why?backed into a corner my ass!!!!!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

I don't know what to say about this. Somthing needs to be done, and cutting off all the water is not the solution.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

from --
But in a serious blow to the Bush administration's hopes to try all the "war on terror" suspects held at Guantanamo Bay, a Supreme Court decision last month allowed the inmates to challenge their detention in civilian courts.

That decision has "complicated the situation in Guantanamo," Bush told a press conference Tuesday.

"My view all along has been either send them back home, or give them a chance to have a day in court," the president said. "I still believe that makes sense."

From what I am reading, the Supreme Court is allowing them to have a day in court. The only rub I can see is that the Supreme Court is giving the detainees in Gitmo a day in civil court, not the military tribunal where Bush wants them to be tried. I know the field would be more slanted in a military tribunal, but, hey, if SCOTUS says civilian court, then let them have their day in court.

I'll never understand this man's twisted and tortured logic. Is he saying, let them have their day in court, as long it is my court, not just any court, or is he just logically inconsistent all the time?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fannie Mae

Originally created by FDR as a government organization, in 1968, Fannie Mae was re-chartered by Congress as a shareholder-owned company, funded solely with private capital raised from investors on Wall Street and around the world.

Fannie Mae has a unique duty to the public it serves -- and the private investors that fuel its service -- to be a model company focused on service, reliability, and value.

From their website.

Freddie Mac

As a government-sponsored enterprise with an important public mission to make housing finance more accessible and affordable, Freddie Mac is unique. We have special responsibilities to the American people.

Chairman and CEO's Top Priorities
· Mission: Our goal is simple: to make homeownership and rental possible for more people than ever before.
· Corporate Governance: Excellence in corporate governance is key to building and retaining the trust of our stakeholders and achieving our mission.
· Affordable Housing: Every day Freddie Mac works hard to ensure that America's families are able to purchase and rent more homes than ever before.
· Financial Management: Transparent and accurate financial information and management are the cornerstones of Freddie Mac's commitment to support and expand America's housing system.
· Public Policy: As a unique corporate entity created by Congress to serve specific housing policy objectives, we think carefully about the impacts of legislation, policies, and industry issues both on our company and the entire system of housing finance. Learn about Freddie Mac's position on current issues.
From their website.

As a government organization and based upon the time it was created Fannie Mae operated off of government funds. It couldn’t make tons of high-risk loans. There was no money for that. Ah, but as a privatized organization, it needed to expand, generate funds, broaden the base. Yes, maybe even make some risky loans. So Americans could own houses. All for the common good. No profit in that. They focused on service, reliability and value.

Freddie Mac had transparent and accurate financial management as one of its five top priorities as a government-sponsored enterprise.

Now they are $5 billion in the hole. $5 Billion and the government has to bail them out. Nice addition to the national debt, eh.

from Bloomberg--
"The government-chartered companies, which own or guarantee about half the $12 trillion of U.S. mortgages, can count on a federal lifeline, said Republican Senator John McCain, of Arizona, and Democratic Senator Charles Schumer, of New York.

The remarks by the presumptive Republican presidential candidate and the head of the congressional Joint Economic Committee followed a slide in the firms' shares to the lowest level since 1991. They indicate Congress would push the administration to use government funds to prevent the companies from failing and threatening a deeper housing recession."

We love to privatize those government organizations. Who the hell made the $5 Billion? I’d like to shake his hand. Got more spunk than the CEO of Exxon-Mobil had. Even Fat Bastard himself could not get a big enough handout from the government.

Ranting aside, what happens if the government has to take over this financial mess. How big can the country debt get? Who can pay it off? That would be like close to $40,000 for every living American over 3 minutes old. Or so. (nice valley girl sentence construction, eh?) Do you have a spare $40,000?

I am tired of the anti-elitist arguments in this country. I want someone who can perform governance at a high function and not blow what is ultimately MY MONEY! I have heard people carp about welfare queens, illegal immigrants and more for years. Combined, they don’t take and piss away $5 BILLION dollars under the cover and goals of good governance. That $5,000,000,000 had to go into someone pockets and sure as hell did not go the lower and middle classes.

It is time to seriously look at reassessing the way taxes are paid in this country. The country is bleeding and it takes money to fix it. It cannot come from the lower classes as they struggle to pay for $5/gallon gas. Or $2.69/dozen eggs. It is time to ask those who have gained power and money at the expense of others to pay back. And lest you think I am a socialist rabble-rouser, I am not. I have lived in a commune and know communism cannot work. But it is apparent that free market economy, Reaganomics and laissez faire principles have bankrupted this country (literally). I believe it was George Carlin (and I could be wrong, it might be Death by Stereo) who stated “Don’t piss on my head and tell me it is raining out.” Citizens, welcome to the benefits of trickle down economy.

I just hope at 60, I do not have to move into a tent so some fat ass cat gets caviar and a Bentley. maybe I will be able to afford aspirin for my arthritis.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

American Auto Industry and Imagination

Just to show how imaginative the marketing and business geniuses are in the US Auto Industry, here is an article from 03-04. And here is one from '08. Yes, Ford pinned all its profit hopes on BIG TRUCKS! The same business plan for 5 years. Has anything changed in 5 years? Maybe gas prices?

and in today's paper the US Auto Industry is pissing and moaning because the new mileage standards can't be met. Maybe if executives salaries were cut and the money placed into R&D, there would be grander products. Or maybe they need a fifty-line strategy, where they go after every market, including understanding how to make money on well-manufactured small fuel-efficient cars. Just imagine if European GM cars made it here. The Opel and the Vaxhaul are nice variations. Or if Ford brought over the European Focus.

If we can make hot rods and soup up cars, we can make wonderful environmental machines. The margins may be a little lower, but you could sell them. How many people buy Hummers nowadays? GM could bring them out, but their hybrid Malibu gets 32 mpg. I looked at one. I get GM discount from my Dad. 32 mpg? and it rattled compared to the Honda Civic Hybrid. I did not let the door hit me on the ass on the way out. It did not help that the GM sales force, instead of internet sales and preapprovals, made me go through teh manager talking to the sales manager talking to the finance manager and here is the best we can do. Meridy and I left immediately. They called later and said, what's wrong? I told them mileage and dinosaur approach.

I will say GM, if their style changes may be in good position for American car manufacturers. They have product that will sell. and has plenty of room for improvement. They have more hybrid and flex-fuel vehicles than anyone else. I am betting they are kicking themselves for not following up on the electric car.

Speaking of which, Honda and VW are the only major firms to have sales rise so far this year. Honda, because it sells many fuel efficient cars (and the Fit is a hoot to drive!!!!--If I had the money, I would buy and trick it out, ne says as he knows his wife is glaring at him). Toyota sales dropped!!!! They guessed the market wrong and have too many big cars and trucks and not enough batteries for the Prius.