Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thoughts from Yesterday

Let's see--Obama was identified as a killer and an international menace by a member of Congress. Diaper David Vetter leads the moral indignation charge against ACORN. Munitions makers cannot keep up with the demand for bullets (many people do not think 10,000 rounds at home is enough for a coming revolution.) There is a poll calling for Obama'a assasination. The Republicans bitch because Obama is going to try to get the summer Olympics for Chicago and it is taking focus away from the war in Afghanistan. As if they did not botch that job themselves for the last 8 years. Who can forget Bush did not care where Obama was?

A Christian woman who runs interference for Phyllis Schafly's organization and heads a state for them calls for Obama's assasination.What part of insane am I missing? We enter into an unjustified war, but do get to strut our stuff as a country, kill maybe a million and have not set up a stable regime, go bankrupt, and start torturing--lose any moral high ground we ever had--and that is great. It shows we have BIG BALLS. Now we have a black instead of a Texas (yeah, sure) shitkicker, someone who can speak (no, I do not agree with his policies all the time, too centrist for me) who can do things by political dialogue and no blood, and at least 20% in the country wish they could kill him. Openly. Yes, I know there were closet poeples who wanted to kill the last administration. I read blogs. However, spoken openly and repeatedly. Not hardly.

Hell, the Denver Three were locked up for wearing T-Shirts and others were taken away from Presidential meetings because their cars had anti-war bumper stickers. Yet, Obama is seen as a Nazi.

I was shocked at the last set of teabagger videos showing people screaming about czars and how they were given fiefdoms already waiting for a communist takeover. After all, they stated czars were Russians and so were commies. They did not even realize the communists killed the czars. and became autocrats themselves. The irony of this is almost too much.

God help us, the President tells kids to buckle down, stay in school and dammit learn something and this is Democratic or Communist indoctrination.

What these people are are pissed that the world is changing. They handle change by anger against. They are easily manipulated, just like a high school football team being motivated by a coach to get their emotions to a fever pitch and then kill the opposition. Physiologically, there is a response to fight in over 25% of the population. That is how they are hard-wired. They make great fighters, short-term heroes, etc. Warriors and protectors of countries are needed.

However, these people are being manipulated by crass bastards who want power and others to do their dirty work, or who want money and need worker bees. The lack of media attention and real reporting on this crassness is getting crazy. The Fourth Estate used to be somewhat reliable to keep America from losing its collective mind. Now we have a lot of was it Father Joe? who used to scream about commies? and the Family talking about Christian brotherhoods to rule the world. and being succesful at above the scenes and behind the scenes manipulation.

I just talked to three men at a gas station in Kern County CA where they had six rifles turned into fully automatic weapons for the coming revolution. I tghink this country is losing its center and going nuts.

The question is how do we bring it back? Can it be brought back? Or will it become a police state, or a money corporate state?


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