Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let's Make the World a Better World

Okay, it is time to quit fixating on how Ms. PreJean's boobs have miraculously grown and gotten rounder as she embraced God and opposite marriage.

And how the insurance companies pledge to give up $2 Trillion dollars just to stay viable (makes you wonder how much they really make if $2 trillion is chump change?). Do ya think we need single payer when that much is chump change. OMG.

And GM is going to file bankruptcy. Yeesh. A sad, sad saga of mismanagement when you basically OWN the market place and then how to lose it. I bet the executives made more money in bonuses pissing away the market share then I will make in my lifetime. Maybe I should have gone to General Motors Institute when I was excepted. Naw, let's go live in a commune. D'oh. One of my better moves. Brilliant!

So, to change your day--

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