Friday, May 15, 2009

A Friday Toone

I stopped in a Starbuck's yesterday for some tea--don't laugh, coffee and I don't get along and they were playing Talking Heads. I said to myself--boy, why have I never posted scenes from the BEST CONCERT VIDEO ever--Stop Making Sense. I mean how can you not watch this and not want to dance???!!!!!

So this morning I see Crooks and Liars posted Life During Wartime.

Here is more to start the day

from the quirky Psychokiller performed with boombox to this

It is well worth getting your hands on the DVD and having a party!!!!!!! Hey, they even have Bernie Worrel from PFunk in the band.
Even if the 25th anniversary DVD takes two of my favorite toones of the VCR version and places them in extra.

Happy Friday!


oohh one more

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