Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Not Dead Yet....

I have been travelling and putting in way too many hours so I have not posted in a long time. here goes--

Congratulations to Natalia Rudiak for winning her populist race for Council in Pittsburgh!

John Boner of Ohio (oops, did I spell that wrong. too bad, Mr. Bronzeface) wants a bipartisan investigation into torture and Nancy Pelosi because the CIA would never lie. He's right. Let's start by investigating torture in a purely apolitical manner and see if any laws were broken. Then prosecute whoever gets caught in the web. Gut feeling tells me that is why Mr. Cheney is in the news speaking so much. If torture is ever investigated then someone in the previous administartion goes down! period. Just today Gonzalez was listed as the source of approval for torture before he worked for the Justice Department, back when he worked for the White house. oops. Someone had to give him the green light to say yes.

GM and Chrysler are closing so many dealerships that 100,000 will be out work soon. That really sucks! and yet the asshole who was in charge of GM can't be gotten of payroll yet until his perks are squared away. There is really something wrong with that.

Finally this little gem. Global warming effects the world! not just us white folk in the U.S.

Music of some sort tomorrow. Promise.

And I saw Lou Dobbs tonight while working out. You would think after his report the whole of U.S. crime is caused by illegal immigrants. Every story ended with "...and they were illegal immigrants."


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