Monday, April 20, 2009

Water Stuff

Two things of note--

CA representative scorches Arnold and asks for his resignation because he can't pull water out of his ass. Actually, because he cannot make water appear to satisfy the endangered species act, Delta food fish like smelt with heavy spring needs, fall flows for the almost extinct salmon, irrigate Central Valley farms and supply LA and San Diego with water from the Sacramanto and San Joaquin rivers. The state water laws and water rights were assigned when the state had 18,000,000 residents. Now it has 38,000,000, more crops like grapes and orchards which need constant water and less water to boot. Yes, conservation could help. Sacramento alone uses 280 gallons of water per person per day. The national average is about 150. Wastewater effluent is seldom treated to tertiary levels. If it were, it could be more easily used. There are a whole class of wastewater plants called WDRs where basically the water discharged evaporates or soaks into the ground. Could be used for reuse.

And really, how many people can CA supposrt with limited water resources? Grow up representative and realize that the problems are bigger than your district not having enough water.

In Texas, 20+ whooping cranes died because of drought. Not enough clean water to supply food. And too many water use rights to keep water flowing for wildlife. I won't even comment on how archaic water use laws are in this country. Wildlife is not even considered. Just Googlke Tulare Lake and see how well it was preserved, or ask why the river in Chicago had its flow sent to the Mississippi instead of Lake Michgan. I am sure the residents of lake Michigan will just love the grass carp as they migrate up the Mississippi drainage. Just like Lake Erie loved the lamprey as it came up the St. Lawrence Seaway.


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