Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Thoughts

I know that while we have had many good chuckles over "teabagging" and Cooper Anderson's line about having a mouthful was classic, as was Dave Shuster's line about needing a Dick Armey. One thing the April 15th demonstrations did prove was that you could really raise a ruckus if you have a TV station for your propoganda. Fox did a great job fomenting opposition to the administration and organizing everything. They are very happy having a 30% audience of discontent. It allows them to sell advertising and they are a rabid 30% at that.

The demostrations were dissed because they did not have a central theme. They were incorrect about tax rates. They were doing the work of power barons who are very rich. They were angry white guys and their dames. States want to secede. Or split up. You name it, the criticisms piled on. One very common theme was anger and discontent. And it is about 30% of the US population. It doesn't take very long to get that to upper 30% or 40%. From there it no longer is just angry mobs, but a very viable political movement.

from Americablog today-

"It also cuts to the heart of the argument that Ariann Huffington makes about the Republicans possibly capitalizing on the populist anger around the country. The Democrats are dangerously close to crossing the line (if they have not already crossed) and losing the public."

It really doesn't matter if the movement is republican, conservative or libertarian. These are folks who are angry about not being in power, not feeling power (say what you will, but the ability of the right to make people feel related to rich folks and those in power and make it a populist movement that votes against its own best interest is phenomenal!!!!!) and they are willing to voice it and follow ANYONE who will LEAD them, even if it is againast themselves. They want Daddy to tell them it will be all right and that their Daddy will beat up anyone who does not love them.

And when these populists hear that there are bonuses for bank dudes who they know in their hearts did not earn the money and have caused them pain, they are willing to lash out. The uncoordinated spasm of the "teabagging" was manufactured and disjointed. All they really know in their heart of hearts is that they do not like (very vociferously) what is going on. They have a TV network, they have rallying points, all they need is a leader.

If the economic recovery does not happen fast (and it really shouldn't, it was long time in the making and has many factors to be corrected, if they all can), they will be angrier. It does not matter who caused it. They have a public mouthpiece. Fox really could care less. They know they have a captive audience and are playing to them. They know what schtick to lay down to keep it. All they need is a leader to coalesce that anger.

America needs more than anger!!!! It needs a plan. It needs a country based upon the love of others and truth and goodness. Mom and applepie really were symbols of love and fecundity. These are being blasted apart, yet are part of the country I love and envision.

Do not underestimate hate, as opposed to rational thought. The heart moves quickly and draws on symbols more than planning. The country I love and its possibilities can dissolve if the public foment ever finds an effective leader.


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