Friday, July 18, 2008

eating BBQ (what else should one eat when in Texas?) last night, and CNN was on in the restaurant TV. Must not have been any sports. For one hour I heard TV newsmodel after newsmodel (and okay, I am a guy and I have noticed that the morning newsmodel Karin something or other has nice legs and wears cool heels. Tell me this isn't part of the plan. I doubt if there would the female equivalent of Morley Safer or Andy Rooney on TV), state that McCain has backed Obama into a political corner with his recent speeched because the Surge has worked.

For one hour America has been pommeled with how well the surge worked. Wait one damned minute, MSM! The Surge worked? We have had Iraqis leaving their posts and changing sides in the past six months, one of the deadliest years of the conflict, little infrastructure rebuilt, the Iraqis asking us to leave as an invader and occupier and more. Oh, yes, and more troops in Iraq after the Surge has pulled out than before the Surge started. And no one in the media is asking whether or not we need to be there!!!!!! Or if the original policy was so flawed (fast win, no reconstruction plan, not enough troops for a prolonged occupation, no foresight into Iraqi internal political divisions and so on). McCain has backed Obama into a corner?!

McCain has backed an unjust war effort that has cost over 1,000,000 lives, put a country into complete disarray, and brought the US to near bankruptcy (how long after the Soviet foray into Afghanistan did it take for the USSR to collapse in tatters and debt?). Where the hell is the coverage of that!!! How can you be so wrong on the fundamental issue and have backed someone into a corner unless the whole country feels that the war was the right thing to do.

After looking at the latest polls, who says that?This is what needs to be brought out. The country we love is being backed into a corner of debt, stagflation and low morale. and why?backed into a corner my ass!!!!!


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