Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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But in a serious blow to the Bush administration's hopes to try all the "war on terror" suspects held at Guantanamo Bay, a Supreme Court decision last month allowed the inmates to challenge their detention in civilian courts.

That decision has "complicated the situation in Guantanamo," Bush told a press conference Tuesday.

"My view all along has been either send them back home, or give them a chance to have a day in court," the president said. "I still believe that makes sense."

From what I am reading, the Supreme Court is allowing them to have a day in court. The only rub I can see is that the Supreme Court is giving the detainees in Gitmo a day in civil court, not the military tribunal where Bush wants them to be tried. I know the field would be more slanted in a military tribunal, but, hey, if SCOTUS says civilian court, then let them have their day in court.

I'll never understand this man's twisted and tortured logic. Is he saying, let them have their day in court, as long it is my court, not just any court, or is he just logically inconsistent all the time?

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