Sunday, July 27, 2008

I am tired, just so tired of those who know how we should practice sex. Routinely, they have God on their side. I mean, who can argue with the Divine? This comic book released by Brent Rinehart in his bid to be elected as County Commissioner in Oklahoma County takes the cake. All I can say is "Wow!" Talk about trying to reach your constituents. If this is the prevailing attitude in the great State of Oklahoma, it may win the award for the most backwards place in the US, or at least tie with Wyoming when it comes to gay politics and probably the environment. I left a trade show in Wyoming years ago when the salesmen at the bar (almost all sales at trade shows end up in the bar, seldom on the trade show floor, even if conversations start there) were joking about the gay killing in WY and why it was a good thing. It made my skin crawl. But in that situation speaking out would not have worked. About six of us left and went to another group and the talk there revolved around using high powered rifles to hunt antelope. Left that one too. I noticed that there was little conversation about vibrational healing, reflexology or meditation. (As an aside, since then, I have found a good cranial sacral therapist in Casper, along with a burgeoning metaphysical bookstore scene and organic food stores. and Bike paths. not bad actually.)

Anyhow, I am tired of sexual intolerance. Angry at it. Alabama has outlawed sex toys. Gay sex is verbotten (at least they don't stone gays there.) And the architect of many of these rules, well, let's just say he does not practice what he preached. Kind of like the incident in Indiana. I can hear it now--"I just don't know how that thing got in my mouth. It must have crawled there."

I just don't understand. But I am seeing a consistent pattern of those who seem to speak out the loudest about sexual orientation really, really, really seem to have monsters in their closet. They cannot admit that they have some attraction to other men, or at least have never completely individuated their sexuality. I mean, after a while, comic book archetypes such as Barb Wire cannot be the ultimate in sexual fantasies. Or school girls. Are plaid skirts really a turn on?

There was some sense of privacy in the recent court case of the head of Formula One (FIA) for taking part in an S/m or B/d scene. The biggest problem was that it had Nazi overtones. The British judge hearing the case said it was his own fantasy and private business. Period. If he wants involved in B&D and leather-garbed dominatrices, let him. Actually, it was just a good-old-fashioned S&M orgy. The trial proved that and he won a civil case.

I sit and wonder at male sexuality at times and think if there were more openness in men about urges, the world would be a better place. Somewhere in gym classes and locker rooms, guys have wet towels snapped on their dicks if they are not studly enough. O yeah, this DOES happen. So, if you don't want to be labeled or get the shit beaten out of you, you toe the gender lines. and hide any uncertanties you may have. any feeling that are not completely developed get thrown into the pit of the subconscious and fester. Oh, they come out in weird ways. Anyone look at American policy towards terror lately, or wonder why Jeffrey Gannon had access to the White House routinely? Or wonder why the US military has to pick a fight with Grenada? Maybe their dicks will fall off if they don't win a war. Or why Gitmo is considered like frat house pranks? Because this kind of stuff happens. coat hanger branding, tying up drunks and humiliating them and so on. Doubt that, search hogtie and comedy on You Tube.

It has already been noted in scientific journals that gay and lesbian brains have different connections between brain hemispheres than heterosexual brains. Now there is research that different hemispheres of the brain are configured differently if you are attracted to men or women. Who knows where all this may lead? And notice that bi-sexual tendencies have not even begun to be researched in this manner. How many men (I can't speak for women) have had to sublimate bi-sexual tendencies so they are not castigated or punished when they are young and vulnerable? Or at least had to hide incomplete sexual gender orientation?

I am convinced at this point that the anger at homosexuals, anger at "not normal" sex is nothing more than bluster to hide uncertainties. I won't make any cheap jokes about American Men and pick-up trucks. I am too close to 50+ and still want a sports car, but killing animals, hunting and pickups has never been my thing. Fast cars and women in leather jeans, maybe. The point is how much culture that is accepted as normal stuff is no more than covering insecurities. These insecurities are what ad campaigns trigger to fuel the capitalistic economic engine we are so familiar with. Buy a new car, buy a new computer and so on and get laid. Wahoo! Oh, yes, my favorite, Drink Coors and get laid by twin blondes. In one sense, sex fuels the western economy and sexual sublimation really fuels the energy crisis. Got to have the most is the root cause unregulated capitalism as a goal. To have more, you need to consume more and in the Western World that means energy.


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