Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Too Tired to Really Rant

But a few things need said--

I overheard on the radio yesterday a snarky comment which did make me chuckle. On a sportstalk station they were mentioning that Kucinich was not going to be on the stage at the semi-democratic debate last night. "Why not just let him stand near the corner. He won't take up that much room."

But the seriousness of not covering a candidate and letting him have his say is a problem. He was right on the war, on impeachment and other topics, but he is too far out there to let him speak, b y some standards. (Being correct and having foresight is not a big deal to some.) Actually, in this sense the media is controlling the election. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there, NO ONE HEARS IT. I do not want to get into the solipsistic argument of the importance of self-consciousness here, other than to say of course the damn tree fell, but no one was there to hear it and therefore knows it fell. Well, if Kucinich can't speak publically, who knows what he says. (I hate it when Bishop Berkeley was right, even in a limited way.) MSM should not be allowed to control our access to information. He's unelectable, but right. If he were heard, at worst he would influence the debate.

Then Mitt "I was born witrh a silver spoon in my mouth" Romney is quoted as saying his victory in Michigan is an inspiration for all the hard-working people (who he embodies.) Huh? Didn't Daddy own Michigan and a car company? How many times did daddy run for President? If I remember my conventions correctly, more than twice he was mentioned by the delegates of the Great State of Meechigan. So Mitt gets to be blue collar by having it rub off on him? WTF and no one questions this--but Kucinich can't catch a break. MSM should have ripped him a new one for his pomposity, if nothing else. Okay, so he looks like a Ken doll. So what?

and Huckabeerry Hound wants to change the constitution to suit his beliefs. You know, he has the right to do that. Women got the right to vote. Blacks got rights. I just don't want to live in that type of country so I hope he keeps being defeated. He si the scariest candidate to me. A populist who is one of God's own. That automatically gets him 25% of the vote. All he needs is a third party candidate and 15% more and he wins. Oy! oops, excuse me--Paraise Jesus.


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