Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Day of Surprises

Let's see--US may have misrepresented the Iranian speedboat threat (source ABC news). What a shock!!!! Yeah, right. Peznut Chimpface goes to the Mid East and they have to ratchet up fear. I hope the perpetrators of these atrocities never have to bend over for the soap in the prison shower. Then they shall know what "oops, my mistake." really means. Butt, maybe Rove would like that.

Internal US wiretaps are dropped by the phone companies for lack of payment. How did that happen? Debt getting too much yet? I am glad to know that someone else gets punished for the "Oh, I just forgot line." I wonder if these wiretaps were FISA legal?

Christmas spending hurting the economy. No one had any money to spend if they had to buy gas, heating oil and medical expertise. Just have to love those good paying manufacturing jobs at McDonalds. (Honest, Buerau of labor reclassified making fries as manufacturing years ago in the Bush Presiduncy to make the numbers look better. Look it up.) Of course this means we need more tax cuts for the rich in some god-awful twisted way. Like that money will trickle down. Just ask the steel workers in Cleveland and Pittsburgh how well it trickled down in the 80s until now and how many steel manufacturers there still are in the area by comparison. Or maybe autoworkers in Flint. Hard to buy a plasma big screen on Mickey Dees wages.


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