Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Today's TV Fun

I was watching morning hotel TV yesterday and had on CNBC. Almost never watch it, but they had on a segment on business called "Squawk on the Street." It is hosted by the obligatory news babe and an elderly angry white male. No comments necessary on why there are few, if any, angry elderly white women and few news hunks. Probably the same reason strip clubs (excuse me, gentlemen's clubs--like there are a lot of gentlemen asking for lap dances out there--maybe we should ask Miss Manners) advertise in the sports and business sections, aside from the back of alternative newspapers under adult services. BTW, never knew there were so many Asian immigrants offering massage services. So many CMTs, so little time.

But I digress, the news babe reads the story on the gun boats threatening US destroyers yesterday at about 7:30 CA time (funny how this happens when the Preznut, J Fredd Muggs in Chief, is going to the Middle East. Maybe he needs to stay away and keep from fanning the flames. I don't think they like him there.) and all of sudden the fat Angry White Man must have not known his mike was live. "They should just sink them!" comes over the tube. He may know business, the bastion of Fat Angry White Males, but foreign policy expert he is not. Anyhow, the news babe rolls her eyes and looks to the ceiling left as she tries figure out how to cover the gaff. And her career just ticks away.

Today (just can't get enough) they had an on-scene reporter at the Las Vegas High Tech Goo Jaw show. He was talking about electroferric paper as a means of possibly making newspapers that are constantly changing. Except, he called it "really cool" paper. and admitted he might not be able to remember the name of the paper once he was done with the script. He is the "tech expert". Great expert coverage there. The news babe comes back, "just think if they can make this paper it will be like the newspaper in Majority Report and there will never be just one deadline. It will be deadlines 24/7." She is probably correct.

Probably the most incisive comment over the past two days, that.

Remember when we could relax without cell phones and being on line all the time. Bet you tranqs and booze and Ambien are used more than ever. You need to be off line sometimes, just to digest and think. and meditate. and enjoy the simple act of breathing. Even a tweaker needs to crash sometimes. And tweak ain't life and its creative cycles. I need to ask myself, how often do I take a deep breath and relax while at work? Does work ever end? and how do you delineate that in your consciousness? comments, anyone.


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