Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today's Ramblings

First there was this. This week is a follow up 2nd Amendment Saturday at TDS Guns. Actually it is a series of meetings where you can buy machine guns (semi-automatics and the LEGAL conversion kits) and meet the local Tea Party guys. Oh Joy! This disturbs me no end. Activists wiuth machine guns. 40 shot clips, 60 shot clips. I am sure Progressives are equally well-armed. Sure!

From the No Such Thing as Global Warming files--maybe we should have called it climate change. Extreme droughts in Texas, heat and cold in Oklahoma and so on. OMG, why are we even talking about this anymore. And here comes Rick Perry--nope, no global warming, no problem here and this from the state that has the highest chemical emissions of anywhere.

and finally, a cartoon that honors my degree.


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