Saturday, August 06, 2011

Just Doing Some Thinking

US credit rating was downgraded by the firm that rated credit default swaps as AAA. So either the US is completely broke, or Wall Street is showing the lack of confidence in US leadership and is putting the squeeze on the country to make them buckle to their desires, whims whatever. Are they trying to break the will of the US so it will capitulate to their free market dreams?

If anyone other than Moody's or Standard and Poors rated the US economy, it might make more sense. These firms showed that they really can't predict markets. But their rating led to the run on Wall Street that led to the bail out where you and I paid not only for the asset loss, but for the bonuses for the executives that ran the economy off of the cliff. The blank sheet bail out of the Bush administration.

Much of the world's economy is based upon consumer confidence. It is the ultimate con game where futures are traded like so many baseball rookie cards. One or two may be worth something, the rest will be like the Mike De la Hoz rookie card, valuable to friends and family. If the world realized that economic gain is no longer backed by GDP and making things but on swaps and futures, they would be furious.

And there is little left in the world in terms of real value. I am beginning to think that the world banksters are trying get what is left of the gold before everyone realizes how bereft their con game is. Where is there real money? Ft. Knox, Denver Mint, places controlled by governments where there is gold. There already was a huge heist we paid for that went to banks and executives, plus a trillion that went into Iraq and Afghanistan and out of the US. I am beginning to think this may be the last battle and either the free marketers who owe no allegiance to anything other than their bank accounts (off shore accounts, anyone?) and our country. And they have gotten the Tea Partiers to back them.

Can those who believe in the best of the US at its most compassionate (yes, liberals) actually redirect the anger with truth?


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