Monday, August 29, 2011

Has It Come To This?

We can't have FEMA because we can't afford it. We have no money for disaster relief unless we cut elsewhere. The greatest power in the world can't afford to help people so it can keep its military bases in Korea, in Germany.

and this is an honest question, not a hyperbolic one. Is the American economy that far in the toilet? If not, do we have a rainy day fund? or at least money in the budget for disaster relief? We should, it is not like we don't expect tornadoes, droughts, hurricanes, harsh winters or other such items. Doesn't anyone think of that when they put up a budget? Are we that bereft of money?

If not, we are being handed a bunch of hooey by some in power. And if we are in that bad of shape, I can see the need for shared sacrifice, like maybe a tax rate of Eisenhower proportion for those who make above $250K, or SS deductions on your whole salary.

I have my beliefs, but there is so little transparency and some much bullshit heaped out there I sometimes doubt what I see on TV and in print. Moody's says one thing; Standard and Poor's another. Eric Cantor asks for disaster relief only if we have cuts on one hand and then asks for military extensions on another, as if they were not money from the same budget. Do any of these people ever try to live on what you make? and if you don't make enough, either get a second job or cut back.

I am tired of politics when people are really concerned.

As an aside, Perry now states the problem with Bush that he was a "compassionate conservative" instead of just conservative. Yup, he was just too kind. That should tell you all you need to know. Mean people suck!

The budget should be math, easy to understand, not just the beliefs of political and military cults. Then you can make value judgments and call them that. When was the last time you heard a political pundit state we prefer this, we want this and not couch it in terms of belief?

Honesty would be a nice virtue.


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