Monday, May 31, 2010

Fool Me Once... Won't Get Fooled Again, Maybe

I don't get it. I don't have that good of a memory, which makes reading an eternal joy. Read a good book, put it on the shelf and in two years, it is a new book I can enjoy again. I know that.

When it comes to politics and world economic stuff, I hope there are those out there who are leaders who are smarter than me.

So when I hear that BP had this problem in the gulf and they were not ready for it and it may have been prevented by a shut off and the current shut off failed in testing, I guess I am not surprised they lie about other stuff.

I mean, how far can they really be trusted? Their history as a firm is one of manipulation of governments. They owned the Iranian oil riches. When Iranian oil was nationalized in the early 50s, they conned MI 6 and the CIA into organizing a coup, took back over the oil fields, but made a joint venture with Iran stating they would only take back 40% of the oil fields, with Shell and others getting the rest. O yes, they COULD NOT BE AUDITED or have any Iranians on the Board. I am sure they were honest all the way in their profit sharing.

Then they bought a percentage of Standard Oil of Ohio (SOHIO) and SOHIO was supposed to keep a branding, but BP bought they other 45% surprisingly. Guess who had invested heavily in the development of Prudhomme Bay Oil? They bought Standard of CA and Indiana. The government nicely protected American business interests.

So here we have a company that has in the past directed coups, using the strength of other countries intelligence and military infrastructure, lied as it took over companies and we expect the truth now?

How naive!

Considering they have brought down other governments as they were nationalized, what are the chances we will get a fair shake economically over the Gulf spill?


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