Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thoughts for a Sunday

First thought--
There had been a big push to "Drill, Baby, Drill", but with that push there was no guarantee that any oil wells drilled would produce crude oil that would be sold for energy in the US. Seems like Deep Water Horizon actually found a gusher. In that they succeeded. But in the end, they were going to cap it and sit on the oil until hell froze over or they could wait for prices to climb making it more profitable. So, their reticence to actually produce and rather wait for more profits caused this problem.

Second thoughts--
We have all heard the story of the Family Values dude who went to rent boy to get someone to carry his bags and give him massages while on vacation together (got him from, I believe). But he was not gay and did not participate in any gay behavior. I see all mention of him has been scrubbed off the Focus in the Family website. These Christian clowns from Colorado Springs really thought they had a cure for "teh gay" and marketed it. So far the co-founder has been on a cruise with someone from rentboy and one of the teachers was photographed picking up a dude in a gay club, while his wife was in the hotel room upstairs. Sounds like their cure doesn't take.

But that opens up a bigger topic. There are people a lot who focus their attention on criticizing what in their minds is "the gay agenda." The only reason they hate it so much is because it is part of their psyche and they don't like it. It gets consciously repressed and comes out in all sorts of weird ways. So far three of the biggest gay haters have been caught in gay trysts. Sounds like they have some self-awareness recognition and homework to do.


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