Friday, June 04, 2010

Crushed Dreams and Beliefs

Here we have Bush and Cheney admitting to support and authorization for torture. War Criminals. Period. We arrested Japanese in WWII, Germans, etc. who tortured. Just goes to show if you are rich enough and have enough high-placed friends, you are above the law.

Aside from their smug disregard for the law (oh shut up about Yoo's opinion, I can buy any opinion I want, too), what pisses me off is that they admit to war crimes. They started a war that has crushed our economy and even worse invaded a sovereign country. Can't complain too much if someone ever does that to us on political principle now, just the discomfort factor. And worst, were responsible for over 1,000,000 deaths minimum according to Lancet, and walk around like they are big swinging dicks. They got the last part right , anyway.

Let's say we waterboard them and find out what went on in the super secret energy task force.

Whatever happened to morals in this country?


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