Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Would you like some BPA with your water, Sir?

I can recall when polycarbonate was considered the safest vessel next to stainless for drinking water jugs and was sold as such by health food and organic food stores. Now, the opinion is not so good and you are asked not to feed your children from bottles that have a 7 in the recycle label on the bottom of the bottle. The chemical that leaches out is BPA, which lowers sperm counts and mimics estrogen. Little things like causing cancer and sex change in fish. Imagine scientists surprise as it washes up on beaches now! Who knew that the Pacific Ocean garbage dump would leach plastic as it is attacked by salt water, wind and sunshine? or epoxy paint could or would breakdown? No one could predict that, right? I mean we never see plastics fall apart in sunshine, do we? D'oh!


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