Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Three Things before Rehab

1) Too bad Butler did not win. They were where they wanted to be, down by one possession and 12 seconds left. Dang!
2) If companies now have the rights of people, who gets charged in the deaths of the miners for safety violations. At best, it is manslaughter, at worst, since MSHA citations on safety were not addressed, it is first degree murder. Not trying to make light of a situation. If corporations have free speech, the same as individuals, they also have social obligations. One is bringing the workplace up to a safe level. When you are cited by MSHA or OSHA and do not comply, who gets arrested, the executives or does the company get the death penalty?
3) Given you can get a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback for a 3rd or 4th round draft choice, why not trade more draft choices and sign veterans? George Allen did it for years with various versions of the "over-the-hill" gang. The Raiders also did it in the 70s with their band of misfits.


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