Friday, April 23, 2010

How many Executives Does it Take to Do a Good Deed?
or what are death panels, really?

Well Point is at it again. Dropping women from insurance roles when they are diagnosed with cancer. Guess what health reform did not prevent. No, it allows this to happen and then the government gets to pay for it. Kind of a no risk, cut expenses move for Well Point. They make money on you until you get sick and then they will dump you for government funded insurance as you get sick. Makes me think that the government, until regulations get tightened will pay for all the sick ones and the insurance companies will scam off the well ones. Who could have seen this coming?

No, really. What right-thinking person would think that this type of scam is possible? I look at myself as a fairly normal person. Would I even have the audacity to sit in a meeting and propose some one devise an algorithm to see when we have to cut someone's health coverage to keep our profits at X%? No, I would say, what do we have to charge to keep our profits at X% because we know what our costs are and can project what are income has to be to make ends meet. I don't have the mind of a psychopath. I sell insurance which means paying to those at a time of need. It does not mean take their money and when they need coverage, kick them to the curb. If I had to sleep at night, I could not do that to people. It is too cruel and unethical. Who does think of things like this? and why are they not in prison?

Screw the fact that this is unethical. It is rewarded in our current culture. Screw someone and make profits everyone lives happily ever after. That is the business executive model nowadays. That is what generates bonuses. Basically sentence people to death and you make more money. Death panels, anyone? There they are, plain and simple for people to see. Now it is time to push, write our congresspeople and make that sort of unethical behavior illegal and punishable by law. Sentence someone to a slow and painful death, you are making a premeditated decision to torture them and it needs to be handled that way in a criminal conviction and have civil penalties attached.

To put it bluntly, if you make those kind of decisions, what the fuck is wrong with you? I think of that kind of decision is not only unethical but needs to be prevented because there are people out there who can think like that. This ranks right up there with the cola mine owner donating to Tea Parties and local judges and figuring out how much he has to pay to keep Mine Safety off his back so he can make money. Well, he did that and people dies. He committed murder with premeditation proved by his actions. Put him on death row and take his company from him.


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