Sunday, November 22, 2009

If It were Funny, It Could Be the Sunday Funnies!

Just outside Denver, a car dealership puts a birther sign on his dealership! Christ, I wish I could go up to a birther and ask to his birth certificate and then say, "So, prove it is valid." and after showing me birth announcements from the local paper say, "Oh, those don't matter. Show me proof!" and after seeing video of the birth, say "Photoshopped. Not good enough." I wish people would just be honest enough to say "A black man for President. Not a shit kicker. He doesn't want to beat people into submission with all our biggus dickus weapons?! I can't handle the change. I want it to be like it was in the 50s where everyone knew their place. and we were a Christian country."

Be honest. Grow a pair. Know the world has passed you by. and either get out of the way or engage. Being bitchy, buying weapons waiting for the next revolution and complaining about lowered taxes stating your taxes were raised really does nothing for the country, except maybe take us back to before Vietnam thinking. If you care that much about Muslim encroachment, sign up for the military. I hear they could use a few people.

One more little rant--The Iraq war was started under lies. Those who believed them and espoused them (yes, including many Dems, should STFU. Period. Who the hell cares about what Bill "Fish Lips" Cristol and Rush Dimbulb say? or John McCain, or John Cornyn. They have been wrong about almost everything for 10 years. They have a right to be wrong, but why do we pay attention to them at all. It is like the paying attention to the "Flat Earth Society"! Just like why does the State of Texas and its insistence on a 6,000 year old earth have to be included in text books sold nationwide as an alternative theory to science. Bad science is bad science, why teach it?

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