Monday, November 23, 2009

Chicken Hawk Stew for Thanksgiving, please

Liz Cheney states that we are placing troops in danger because we are taking too long to make up our mind about sending more troops to Afghanistan. Well, well, well. Maybe she could VOLUNTEER. It is easy to send other people to their deaths while you sit on your fat ass and eat bon bons. I mean, WTF? In Britain, they are wondering whether war crime charges should be pressed against Blair because the war in Iraq was about regime change with no after invasion game plan to protect civilians as required by the Geneva Conventions. In America, we have Dick Cheney, who still believes that America would have won in Vietnam if we only sent more people, and his lovely daughter bitching about how we are not warlike enough. I would feel much different about their input if they actually had gone to war and seen it first hand instead of being armchair generals. How well would she and William Cristol hold up as shock troops? It is easy to serve from Board rooms and have your snacks catered. Why are fools like this even quoted by the press? and why is the press so damnably stupid? Wasn't it the press that actually gave the "swift boaters" traction, failing to point out one guy actually had a purple heart or two and had served with valor and the other was a deserter? and we wonder why our country is so ill-informed!

Also, current read is The King of California. It is a marvelous book, a well-told story of what makes sections of California what they are, with enough extra history tossed in to make you understand the zeitgeist of an era. You've got to love a country where the headline of a newspaper is "To Lynch Negro Tonight" in the editorial page. and we wonder why Oklahoma senators look like buffoons. They are actually clever men from a culture completely foreign to me.


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