Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Ramblings

some thoughts for this week. Okay, not many, but...

I listen to a lot of radio. Thank all that is holy for XM. It saves me from the ugliness of what AM radio is. But I have heard so much talk of the military and Afghanistan, I am glad someone is saying, "What are we doing there and how many troops do we need? Really? and why are we there?" Bush could have had Osama delivered to him by tribal leaders, but he wanted a fight. And then another fight. The Clinton administration had almost 9 months of talks that did not culminate in Osama's arrest. Time ran out. Yes, you could say that it was poorly planned by Clinton. You could also say that the Bush administration was more worried about getting money back to contributors than national security. These are safe statements.

What scares me is the growing fundamental Christian movement in the military. They feel they are crusaders. It would not surprise me if there were late night semi-drunken talks about a coup if Obama does not keep going after the Muslims (substitute nicknames haji, raghead, whatever--deragotory nicknames of our military. kind of like gooks in Vietnam, that really won us the respect of our allies. NOT SO MUCH.) The crazies think it is okay for the military to be a Christian militia. Do the research. See what happened in the past 10 years at the Air Force Academy. Naval Academy. See how many different ethinicities and religious beliefs are honored. Gotta love the Christian soldier postrs that filled the football locker rooms there. And the military directly or indirectly gets over 50% of the US budget. Who has the moxie, the balls to say, hey we can eliminate our deficit by cutting back on military. Do we need bases in Japan? Germany? Turkey?

If you do that you are unAmerican. Yet we can't afford health care. In Afghanistan, did we ever build schools after we got rid of the commies? No! You can spend billions against the ENEMY! You need an enemy to keep the spending up. Humanitarian aid just doesn't work as a rallying cry for hate! And whether we like it or not, America is an extremely belligernet and angry country. Why? Because everybody needs to be as pure as us. I just don't get it. We wonder why other countriues don't trust us. Well, we act like bullies. Not hard to figure, is it?

One other topic. The Stupak amendment. Just great. How does any woman even vote as a Democrat after that. Sure, it is okay to pay for someone's little blue pills so they can get a hard on. Covered in insurance and is a God given right. A hard dick is a sacred thing! even when it caused chemically becasue your body doesn't work anymore. End an unwanted pregnancy--nope. Why not help produce (mandate) more children in unwanted homes. Or let the mom's die in delivery. Hell, it won't affect the men, as a general rule. Republicans can have abortion coverage in their health insurance in the National Republican Committee, but publically, these women are baby machines. just don't touch our sex toys. We'll care for them. I am surprised there has not been more Bobbitizing along the way. Just remember--Money for hard ons, good. Unwanted pregnancies, not my problem. Its about time the women "have to hit a man, to make him know she's there, I swear." I am a guy and am embarrassed at the accepted double standard. Guys, women outnumber men in population, in the workforce and if they ever organize you may be sorry you were such sexist asses. The god thing is that work for 70% of the pay.

Just kidding.


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