Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sunday Morning Thoughts

I mentioned watching a man in a wet suit win a $500 bet by swimming the Cuyahoga River recently. Here is an old documentary (1964) about pollution in the area.

What really strikes me about this is, that even then there was so much talk about pollution laws will kill all the business. Sound familiar. Green energy will cost too much. The Clean Water Act did cost money. Did it kill the way we lived? Why, no! Some of the pollution clean up costs were rolled into consumer pricing. Many wastewater plants and water plants were built with government grants, creating jobs, not losing them. duh, whodathunk?

So any time you hear these stoopid talking points, just walk away, like you would a preacher saying the world will end tomorrow. After a while, no one will listen to the stupids.

BTW, the dead fish the kid is kicking is a Carp or a Sucker, killed by pollution. I can still recall watching the river flow by, turning orange, neon green, red and then back to normal. And the silted up spawning beds mentioned by the fisherman are what allowed zebra mussels, a non-native filter feeder to establish themselves.


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