Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Deep Thoughts

I think the only reason Billy "Fish Lips" Kristol and Newt are so much behind Sarah Palin as a Republican candidate is that they would like to do the Humpty Dance with her. I can see it now, Newt getting a divorce and being the First Man behind Sarah. What a team. BTW, did you see or hear of this?

and secondly, we now know Cheney asked for eight years of secrecy on a super-secret-unspeakable CIA mission. No one still wants to talk about it, or can't because it is so EVIL. What could it be? Assassination? internal probing of the opposite party? We probably need an investigation. and then prosecution. and it would tear at the fiber of this country.

and Jonathan Turley on Keth Olbermann on Friday stated the case only too well. I paraphrase. We now know George Bush and not just Cheney called for many illegal internal and international programs, including lying to get us into war, illegal domestic spying, unofficial CIA programs and worse. Do we have the political will to go after one or more of our leaders in an attempt to find justice not knowing what the outcome is?

Good and pertinent question. If this had happened after Iran/Contra instead of a broad brush forget-about-it, that's--all-water-under-the bridge pardon, Reagan would be known as the man who killed many people in an attempt to keep the commies out of Latin America. Oh yes, brought drugs to the ghetto. All those things. and even better, his accomplices would have been charged and there would have been less fecal matter to become the key components of the Bush Administration.

My opinion is we need to ferret out the corruption now and maybe people will think twice next time. Power does corrupt, as does fear and the past administration used both. But normally those are used for private gain. These guys were just mean bastards. Maybe they liked being sadists? Don't know or want to know, but wonder how any of the elections were even close? Does the majority of America really want to have a beer with a mean, ill read and ill bred sadist? Has this become the american dream?


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