Friday, July 31, 2009

Angry Thoughts

I was driving along I-5 yesterday and saw a wonderfully professional billboard in blue and white demanding "Show Us Your Birth Certificate!" with e pluribus unum under that. Since when did e pluribus unum start to mean "We don't want a negro for President?" It did not mean that when we were in Latin class in high school. GRRRRRRRR.

There are still two wars going on, many lose health care daily and the economy, while gettting brighter still sucks, so I guess the birth certificate provide by Hawaii is just not enough. I cringe at the priority level of some people. "Diapers" Vitter calls Voinovich from Ohio a non-conservative in the background. Rove admits he had more to do with the attorney firing (as if we did not know) and Cheney tried to use the Army to arrest a terrorist cell in Buffalo in an attempt to destroy the Constitution on 9/11 and "Show Us Your Birth Certifacte" is the best they got. I would love to post a billboard up the road with the birth certificate and the words "Suck on This!" to the side.

Why, oh why, are some people allowed to breed? I almost hope Texas secedes so they can be spanked into the 21st century.

O yes, toone time! hee


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