Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gene Upshaw died today. It happened suddenly:

"in a posting regarding the passing of Executive Director Gene Upshaw, the NFL Players Association discloses that Upshaw first became aware of his illness on Sunday, August 17.

It was only two days after his 63rd birthday.

Four days later, he was gone.

Upshaw had been fighting pancreatic cancer, a disease that often develops silently, producing no symptoms until the final stages of the illness.

The news has sent shock waves throughout the league, and many executives and agents are still stunned by the news."

from great website, plenty of talk on the Bengals, for those of that persuasion. Chris Henry is back. when is the next arrest. Okay, I'll shut up waiting for Marshall's next arrest in Denver.

I bring this up because he has been Gene Upshaw has been vilified for not getting the players enough, unlike baseball or basketball. Which league is healthier? and some of it is because there are no no-cut, must pay contracts in football, unlike baseball or the NBA. Sorry, I am a football junkie and was a Browns fan until Modell moved the team to Baltimore. asshole. I was a Brown's fan the whole time I lived in denver watching John Elway kill the team until his announcement. Now a Broncos fan.

Other things--

stupidest things I have heard lately:
1) McCain doesn't know how many houses he has. It must be the pain of not being able to sell all his houses. I know I own two houses (okay, the bank does, but let's not mince words) because I cannot sell one in the recession. Poor man can't sell his houses and can't admit it.

2) Gingrich telling everyone Obama is in the pocket of Big Oil because Big Oil checks your tire pressure so you have to buy more gas. Anyone have a service station jockey check your tire pressure lately? Or do I go to the wrong service stations?

books I have read while on the road over the past eight months:
1) all the Dresden Chronicles. fun, fun, fun.
2) Justine Musks' Bloodangel and Lord of Bones. These are excellent and well worth the read if you like horror/fantasy/X Files.
3) Archer's Rogue Angel series. An archeoligist who is hte reincarnation of Joan of Arc. Dude, can't beat it. It will be a graphic novel. I want to read it.
4) Iron Hunt--needed another rewrite
5) Delia Sherman's first story in Salon Fantastique.


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