Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Confession time--I sit around at night to watch Keith and Rachel every night so I can hear intelligent commentary (and yes, I have been stuck on the road in hotel rooms in CA and TX where they are not on TV, and the best news is CNN). They laughed at John McCain tonight almost asking his wife to "show us your tits" at the annual biker fest in South Dakota. They said he blew up today. I am sorry to disagree, because today he won at 30,000 votes, showing he is one of the guys. Is this intellectual? Hell no, knuckle dragging to the nth degree. But I know these guys. I have worked with them all my life. McCain is now their buddy. Obama uses too many big words, speaks in measured tones (and real thoughtful sentences.) These guys want sloganeering. They want one sentence solutions whether they work or not. This is his majority and maybe a secondary base. His ads have appealed to this level of intellectual and critical thinking and it scares the hell out me he could be the worst candidate, but have a better PR firm that knows how to target the market he needs and goes after it. The electorate he is going after knows what words follow uppity and don't care if it is wrong if it gets them power. No moral dilemmas at all. This is what the campaign has devolved to.

He shows up at a nuke plant and he shows oneness with people that need gas money. They don't care or know the reactor melted down and was the basis for the movie the China Syndrome. They won't read the fine print. They will see the cultural hero at a Nuke Plant. They want relief now and a one sentence plan.

Call it dumb. Undisciplined, Immediate gratification. Whatever. This is the way more people in America are than we would care to admit. My great hope is that there will be huge bump after Denver at Mile High and from there it may be conversation about issues. The GOP has the answer if the campaign is to be one line slogans. Don't underestimate the guys who want their wife to show others her tits. They vote and would love to vote for a buddy.


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