Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Springtime and Raining

Actually, it has quit for 8 hours and I got a chance to get my carrots in. I put them in the middle of my flower garden in my front yard. I put them there three years ago and had a bumper crop. Placed them in two other places and got nothing, so maybe I can get a good crop again.

Kudos to Mary Kaptur from Ohio for asking yesterday when the oil companies and Wall Street will share the pain of balancing the budget. My guess it won't happen until Halliburton voluntarily reincorporates in CA to get higher taxes.

Midwest Republicans are probably grateful for the Japan disaster because it takes Michigan (we will declare financial emergencies and remove your government), Ohio (state employees are stupid) and Wisconsin (we will break every union). The largest political rally in years in our country (much larger then Glen Beck's) happened in Wisconsin over the weekend and there was very little coverage. Japan, Japan, Japan.

When will someone sue to bankruptcy that little shit O'Keefe? Acorn employees let him get a pass, NPR officials quit and all over extremely edited videos. Michael Moore he ain't.

and I see the Germany has decided today to start winding down their nuclear energy program. Renewable energy will be their basis to go forward. I wonder if anyone in America has the stones to do that. The Prez sez that is what we want, but...


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