Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Energy Fun Years ago, we were promised clean renewable energy as a National Security Measure by Jimmy Carter. Well, Reagan came in and took down the solar panels and any commitment to renewable energy. We have become more and more dependent upon oil from the MidEast and we send more and more money to Saudi (remember they crashed planes into the Twin Towers), Yemen (they run much of our extradition), Syria (they bother Iran for us) and Iraq (we invaded them for oil). So here we go. We still have an addiction, cannot act as an agent of ethics becasue of our addiction and make decisions accordingly. What a drag! and here comes Germany, dropping reactors faster than their cores can get hot and now the Green party is basically making the energy policy in the new government. They are pledged to be 100% renewable. I bet they have the political will to pull it off. Here, we cannot even tax a company that makes BILLIONS every year because they might not like us. They have us by the oil. and we do nothing about it. rojo

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