Thursday, November 18, 2010

What A Wonderful World, or do we share the same world?

I have spent the past four days in the southern Central Valley in CA. I know CA has an image of liberalism, but that really is in the urban areas, with San Diego as an exception. That city is largely conservative. Tink Darrel Issa and Randy Cunningham. The Southern Central Valley (Bakersfield, Taft, Maricopa) is far from liberal. You can place much of this area south of the Mason Dixon line, maybe south of Mississippi.

I sat and listened to a patron bloviate in a hotel restaurant yesterday about how bad it is that the Democrats are still in power because they make the government larger, the debt larger and they tax more. It was all I could do to not ask him which party had the last surplus, who raised the debt (Reagan, Bush and Bush were the worst, all Republicans) and who made government smaller (Clinton-D). and who balloonned the size of government (Bush-R). The only reason I did not debate him is he was hosting clients from overseas.

Another item you see here is a multitude of signs stating "Congress Created Desert" or signs referencing sewage treatment and how that effects Delta water (very true) and how that water belongs to the people of Southern CA (not true). Congress funded the canals in CA to allow the transfer of water to the central valley. The residents damned other rivers and built levies draining lakes for cotton and food farming. Maybe farming is a desert is not such a good idea. Yes, it feeds America, but has destroyed wildlife, the largest lake west of the Mississippi (Tulare Lake, now a dry hole) and stopped the flow of many rivers. The Kern again is not reaching Bakersfield and Buena Vista Lake is fed from canals attached to the Sacramento River 300 miles away. Nothing wrong with canals and stuff, but admit that the unnnatural farming practiced was financed by Congress and is not a God-given right!

Finally, I came into a meeting yesterday and the folks there were speaking of the evils of Senate Bill 501which would take away your right to a home garden. It was sponsored by Kucinich in their minds. I asked when did Kucinich become a Senator? and we looked up the bill on my computer. Nowhere did it state that it takes away the rights of a home gardener that we could see. But they saw it on websites my computer could not find. And I was informed the only way to make jobs in this country is to remove the EPA and OSHA. They keep us at a disadvantage from the rest of the world. I wanted to scream, we could cut back our wages too and hire children but the sarcasm would have been lost. Yet another WTF moment. We have already seen what happens what when the government backs away from audits in the Gulf.Finally, the best for last. They were complaining that Brown was now the governor and things could never go back to the way they were thirty years ago when things were good. Honest. I could not make this up. That was a Meg Whitman campaign line so I know where they saw it. Guess who was governor 30 years ago???!!! Brown. and the last governor with a surplus before deregulation of energy was a Democrat, and he was replaced by Arnold.

I cannot wait to leave Bizarro world.

One important point is that this does illustrate that many Americans do not share the same basic information. We are very insular and this becomes more apparent to me as I travel.


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