Monday, November 08, 2010

Politics, Not as Usual

I have not commented on the elections only because I was on the road last week and busy. First, it makes sense that the angry voters chose the party of the working man, the Tea Party and the Republicans to help them. Yeah, sure. What happened was that the Administration bailed out Wall Street and the banks, those folks got bonuses and Main Street lost many jobs and houses and they were pissed. and when the Tea Party came up, no one said, we cut your taxes. Then corporate interests like Dick Armey, the Koch Brothers, etc. coopted the anger and made political hay out of it and got right wing candidates elected. Problem, messaging by Democrats and that they really, really underestimated the anger of the electorate. They did not understand that people like their jobs and houses. They were and probably are out of touch.

Now the fun begins. Pelosi will replace Steny Hoyer. She was an effective leader and will continue to be. Cantor wants to cut all entitlements. DeMint sez balance the budget with tax cuts and has no ideas. Rand Paul is saying cut the military spending. Texas is trying to opt out of MediCaid and Children's Health Insurance to balance their deficit. I mean why tax oil companies in Texas or rich white folk when you can cut children's aid. My guess is that they are Christians who believe life is sacred too. Just don't give the kids any fucking aid. Let 'em die after they are born. and Darrel Issa is promising subpoenas for government mistakes, like the mortgage problem, maybe Obama's birth certificate and probably not for admitted war crimes by the Bush Administration and certainly not for Cheney's energy task force which divided Iraqi oil even before the war to free the OIL (oops, I meant the oppressed Iraqis).

I am guessing I will be going back to being angry a lot. But to say the least it will be interesting. Being the eternal optimist, I am hoping some Democrat other than Pelosi will grow a pair and messaging will be clear. Moderate republicans will come forward and work to actually decrease the country's problems and I am guessing monkeys will fly out of my butt, too. But it will be interesting. Particularly the monkeys


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