Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sadists for Christ

The Focus on the Family folks are at it again. Now they are stating that anti-bullying is part of the gay agenda. WE all know that people love to be bullied and pushed around by those who know no boundaries. Ridicule builds character. And if beat the piss out of the poor huddled masses you are a better Christian. That's okay. We know that gays ask for it and by defending them against the fact that they want to be ridiculed and beat up really furthers their agenda.

I can remember a friend of mine once stating that consensus government is a great ideal, but those with the biggest mouths and the thickest skin, not necessarily wisdom win. Well, Focus on the Family wants aggression as part of the Christian Credo.

How sick and twisted is that? I never heard of Sadists for Christ before.

and what the hell is the gay agenda, anyhow? I have asked my gay friends and they only snigger and whisper amongst themselves, so i figure it must be pretty amazing. Then they go huddle with Nancy Pelosi.


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