Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy!

Voting machines have been a problem the last few years. This has always been a problem because they do not produce an audit trail. In Ohio in 2004, there were many counties in Ohio where Bush received more votes than there were registered voters, or the Dem/Repub ratio was so skewed that all but three or four Dems voted for Bush or where all the election counts were run through a Tennessee firm for vote count that was on the same server as the Republican National server and the guy who set that up and was going to testify died in a plane crash on the way there, after saying his plane had been tampered with a few times before. Coincident? Yeah, sure, just like finding a crack pipe behind an employee's computer and positive drug test are.

Last week someone ran a story where a voting machine all of a sudden had Pacman show up on the screen. and today, this.

Why not just go to paper ballots and hire some more people. We can't all be WalMart greeters as we get older. They could use the work! and the results can have an audit! Otherwise, let's just turn the country over to those who have the most money and bend over.

BTW, anyone seen the no new taxes on energy ads? It will cost jobs!!!! Yeah, sure. The fact is everyone has tight money in the less than $150,000/year class and it might hurt a little. So maybe instead of energy costs spread across the whole public, we should RAISE taxes on those who can afford it. Bet you won't ever see that in an ad. I can hear it now, they raised my rate from 35% to 41% and now I can't buy my new Bentley! Actaully, that sounds like a good alternative.


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