Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where Can I Go to Get a Good Drink?

I know I have not posted in a while. I have compressed my office into the closet of my wife's office. Aside from that, the political climate of my country scares and amazes me. Basically, someone against health care wins Teddy Kennedy's senate seat. OMG!!!! We want a sexy guy who drives a pickup over health care. Good going America!!!! Way to think. Who needs universal health care when we can drive big trucks and strut our big swinging male appendages.

Great. Invite the world.

Then the Supreme Court-ya know, the guys who uphold the laws of the land make a decision that makes Dred Scott look good.- make a decsion that allows companies to buy votes indirectly without risk or accountability. Tort reform works so well. So now companies can buy elections by buying advertising. OMG???!!!! What is wrong with this country.

I harken back to Chimp Boy's contested election in FLA. Brother of the elected official, whose election offical happened to work for the candidate. Get George in and viola, presto chango, and it is a conservative Supreme Court. While many voted for Nader, the conservatives did not take their eyes off the prize. You make the laws, fuck the rest!

If the next election goes south, I will be an expatriate somewhere. Better learn Greek, becasue irish food cannot be a good thing.or, why I don't post much anymore.


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