Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How To Lose and Electorate

The Dems are so damned out of touch that they lost Ted Kennedy's seat??!!!!
Okay, who was the campaign manager? Fired forever! Who from the Democratic
national committee was watching the race? Fired!!!! OMG! Jon Stewart's line
rings true. "It is not as if the republicans were playing chess and the
democrats were playing checkers. It is more like that Republicans were
playing chess and the democrats were visiting the school nurse after gluing
their balls to their thighs. Again." Okay, the candidate had a double digit
lead and blew it. Curt Schilling was a Yankees fan? Do you live in the
baseball crazy state of Massachusetts where the beloved Beantown Bombers
actually won a World Series (beating the Yankees to get to it) while you
lived there? and who was their star pitcher? That gives the general public
lots of confidence in your common sense.

Let's face it. If not for the economic meltdown and the netroots movement,
McCain would be our President and Phil Gramm as the economic advisor.
America is tired of seeing rising health care costs, no jobs and shrinking
middle class. Health care is real important, but only in terms of jobs,
affordability and having stuff. Like it or not, Americans want stuff. They
want food, housing, a big screen TV and security in their lives. Right now,
many do have any of these. They have no trust, confidence, whatever. They do
not understand the last wars were fought off the books until Obama came on
board. They do not get what deregulation of the financial markets has done
to the economy. Hard to keep up on these things if you are working two or
three jobs and have a family.

Americans are angry! They do not know what happened to the middle class.
They don't get how Wall Street deserves bonuses. And the Dems are not going
after Wall Street with regulation. They can't get the Fed to say who they
lent money to. But the Republicans and tea Parties are giving a place for
that anger to live. A channel for its expression.

Americans need health care. They don't need to buy insurance, making rich
companies richer. They need this so they can be competitive on the world
market. Normal guys are PISSED that bankers, who foreclose on mortgages, set
up bogus investments and so on get bonuses as they see their buying power go
away. They forget that 9/11 happened on the Bush watch. It was not a Clinton
Thing! Nor was the recession, which is now being placed on Obama (amazing
how big the deficit gets when the wars are on the books) or Clinton. The
media lets fools say these things without question. Oh, dare I mention that
the media is corporations and news is a now a profit center instead of a
community service. It is not the Fourth Estate any longer.

I work in a very conservative industry. Many places I visit play Rush and
Glenn Beck all day. This is all many hear. This is what they know. Instead
of going after things aggressively, Obama appears to be going after
consensus. After living in a commune and working within a consensus
governance program, I can tell you consensus among fools and ill-informed is
still bad decision making, even if all agree. What this country needs is
leadership!!!!! and we need a regrounding in more populist agendas. Unions
are not bad. Business and greed are not good! And what should be the
Democratic strong suit, making the world better for Joe Blue Collar is being
taken from them. Their lunch is getting eaten by the likes of Rush and Faux
News and they do not know it.And we know that Rush does this as a not for
profit. Sure.

Obama would have lost if not for netroots. I watched Faux News last night
while I was at the gym and they could only speak of how this election in
Massachusetts was a referendum on the far left direction of the Democratic
party. As far as I can see, the Dems are right-center. Not left at all. When
the bail out was needed, was there money given to mortgage holders. No, it
went to banks as they foreclosed on people. The banks investment was bad.
Well, hell, if you pay it off and lighten the loss, the investment is no
longer bad. And the dominos of bad securities of bundled mortgages aren't
dominos anymore. And really, giving money to banks without placing controls
on it, reregulating the industry and capping pay. What???? And letting
single payer devolve into buying insurance from unscrupulous companies that
backed the bundled securities who also bought insurance from themselves if
these failed.

What started as promise, getting away from the kindergarteners running the
White House using Iran-Contra veterans to decide policy is not here. People
are disillusioned as the fat cats keep theirs and you get a cut in pay to
work harder with less benefits.

There has been no Change We Can Believe In. Just more of the same old shit
and people are being ground down. Without serious changes, Obama is a one
term jockey and the party who does not believe government can work so why
bother is put back in charge.


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