Friday, August 14, 2009

What We Didn't See

Whenever I hear people state that racism is not an issue anymore and don't understand black anger, I cringe. Normally that person is white. I saw people being led out of Claire MacCaskill's event and did not understand the furor. The video they used on CNN sucked. You never knew what happened. Like bad sports reporting (did I mention that the Broncos play tonight, sports season is starting!!!!!), the reporters caught the second foul. Here is a more detailed video. and it is too important to miss.

No racial issues in Missouri anymore. And I am not singling out the police. They missed the white dude ripping up the poster. He caused the problem. Then came the random enforcement. This wouldn't happen if this were a Bush rally. Google the Denver 3 and see what you get. They were arrested for wearing shirts. Democracy requires strength and vigilance. Look beyond bad reporting.


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