Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Sunny Day

I have been staying away from political posts lately as the country tears itself apart on a medical debate. No, our system is not broken. It is fine. Fine! We only spend twice as much as any other country for a lots less results. I think we are on a par with Costa Rica and the Czech republic. A demonstrator in NH shows up with a gun at a Presidential Town Hall. Hopefully he does not know how to breed. That would be like showing up at a feral dog support rally with T-bones attached to your neck and then trying to pet the feral dogs. He did not understand why his second amendment rights to bear arms caused such a kerfuffle. At another town hall, protesters had signs that stated "Keep Your Government Hands of my Medicare." Obviously, that the government is providing health care to him was lost on him. The fact that many protesters (or yellers) are seniors is not lost on me. Maybe we should go free market totally and take away Medicare from them. See if they get angry. As an aside, I can see people wanting unlimited free market power as they are young in hopes they can make it big and be one of the priviliged. But as you get older or retired, you have to wonder if maybe your time to make it big is past and social inequities would become more apparent. Like how big was your severance from GM, probably as big as the ex-CEOs, I am sure. What did he get $27,000,000. I am sure that is what every retired line guy got. Wasn't that detailed in Roger and Me?

One of the big topics was that we are becoming a Stalinist Socialist state. Stalin was a very powerful and cruel dictator. He sent millions of Armenians to Siberia to make sure they never organized and became powerful. Armenians?! He killed a whole bunch of the Russian citizenry. He made Saddam Hussein look like a grammar school teacher. And Americans equate that cruelty and government interference with socialism. I wish they taught history, civics and political theory once again in schools. Maybe then people would understand that socialism was really a benevolent theory that was created to fight ubercapitalism of the type that has been seen in the past twenty years or so. And people buy that government health care will create a Stalinist state without realizing social security, medicare and medicaid are socialistic programs run by the government. I really fear that there will be more right wing grass roots terrorism coming up, much like Timothy McVeigh. Our country basically has a racist, Bircher TV station and Lou Dobbs is right up there as a "news" bloviator preaching mistrust, emotionalism, fear and anger on another.

This frenzy is uneducated emotionalism. What do you expect from people who cannot pay for schooling through taxes, or fight over whether creationism deserves as much time as evolution. That the earth is really only 6,000 years old and that evolutionists are faking it. All right, I will confess, I planted all those fake plaster of paris T-Rex bones outside Grand Junction with other college students in Dinosaur National Park just to confuse people. Our covert cells did the same in Siberia, planting mastadon carcasses or in the Midwest, planting fake ferns remains. And I wonder why America just gets dumber. Could it be many of our school text books are printed according to Texas state standards where creationism ranks higher than the three divisions of power as defined by the American system of government? I was shocked to see that well over 30% of Amerians do not know there are three branches of governemental power creating checks and balances. And we wonder why Executive Privilege as defined by Nixon and Bush were not big public outcry issues?

Speaking of which, it looks like Karl "Dough Boy" Rove may have actually had his finger on the firing of US Attorneys. Check out the released emails. Now the question is does anyone have the political and ethical will to make him meet Bubba in a cell. He is guilty and they are really criminal charges, if not treason, subverting the American form of checks and balances in government. The judicial is no good at all if it is afraid of being fired by the President's Brain. If you have to agree to keep your job, you might as well be Brown shirts! Otherwise, you, too, can be cleansed. To hell with the rule of law. This may have been themost damaging aspect of the last eight years.


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