Friday, January 30, 2009

I Have a High School Hall Pass

Will that work? Can I get a pass to go anywhere and do anything with that?

To me the biggest story of the day was not the legislation that allows more than 180 days before you sue your employer for being underpaid because of gender, or the stimulus package, but this load of crap.

How can Karl Rove, the Kingpin of Crime, aka "doughboy" or one of the Gucker and Gannon butt boys (no proof, just conjecture), be given executive immunity on things he said he was not involved in? And after he no longer works for the Executive? If he knew nothjing and was not involved why would the President make sure his counsel gave Doughboy a hall pass. He was just covering his ass. this is not hard to see. If Rove ever had to testify, we would know how illegal everything was, including the rigged 2004 election. Anyone with any street smarts knows this.

Perhaps the bigger question is if that hall pass is seen as not applicable, what country will protect Rove or will he meet Kenny-boy Lay? (I know this is insensitive to the Lay family, but I have had questions about his untimely demise and if he really was depressed enough to commit suicide, I sincerely apologize to his family.)


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